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Monroe Consulting Group first started offering executive search (headhunting) services in Santiago, Chile, in 2013 and quickly proved to be a highly reliable permanent recruitment agency in Chile. From its headquarters in Santiago, Monroe’s specialist executive search teams track the best talent in the market for the consumer goods, health, industrial, professional and technology industries.

With a reputation for political and economic stability, openness to trade, legal security and solid growth prospects, Chile has become attractive to investors. According to the Business Environment Rankings, Chile was one of the world’s 20 most attractive economies in which to do business between 2010 and 2014 and leads Latin America in this field.

Exports account for more than one-third of GDP, with commodities making up almost three-quarters of exports. Copper is the major industry of Chile and accounts for approximately one-third of government revenue.

Although Chile may be seen as a mature market with good levels of education, many senior professionals are reluctant to explore new job opportunities, causing a premium to be placed on securing middle- and senior-level professionals.

The premium on highly skilled professionals means that having a well-connected executive search (headhunting) partner is essential. Monroe’s ability to complement its database search technics with advanced levels of executive search (headhunting) means the Company is well placed to deliver a full 360° service that offers both clients and candidates an in-depth and particularly well-rounded recruitment service.

With its deep understanding and wide business networks in Santiago and Chile, Monroe Consulting Group is well positioned to deliver the best talent to its clients.