Source the right executive talent to help your organisation grow and thrive.

Organisations can only rise to the top, and stay there, by engaging the right leadership. Monroe Consulting Thailand specializes in understanding your executive talent requirements and delivering the right candidates, on time.

In an increasingly connected global marketplace, there’s more pressure than ever for organisations to engage the right leadership at the right time, and with the right skills and experience.

Many organisations find themselves unable to move on to bigger and better things without engaging new leaders from outside the organisation. Global executive talent shortages are stifling the ability of companies to grow and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the market.

Monroe Consulting Thailand specializes in helping organisations identify executive talent requirements, and then using our extensive networks and expertise to deliver candidates that will add the right value over the long term. ​​

Executive recruitment

How we help you

When partnering with Monroe Consulting Thailand, we will:
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, culture, and the competencies required of the individual to have the best chance of succeeding in the role.

  • Use market-leading search and assessment services to uncover individuals meeting the brief, understanding their motivations, and assessing culture fit.

  • Act as an extension of your HR/recruitment function and provide you with regular and detailed updates throughout the project.

  • Advise market rates for compensation and manage negotiations with the candidate on your behalf while maintaining confidentiality and protecting you brand.

  • Provide post-placement services such as on-boarding

We can also assist offshore companies to set up and staff their operations in Thailand.​

Contact us

John Tolmie
​​​John Tolmie
Managing Director
Monroe Consulting Thailand
+66 (2) 055 4759

John has over 30 years of experience in recruitment, and has held roles from consultant through to senior management. His approach leverages the power of technology to find innovative new ways to find and engage with the very best talent in the market.

About Monroe Consulting Thailand

Monroe Consulting Thailand is an award-winning executive search and recruitment firm, having won APAC Best Recruitment Company 4 times.

Monroe Consulting works across Asia with offices in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam. As part of the Empresaria Group plc, Monroe Consulting has access to a global network of recruitment resources, 24 hours a day, all around the globe.

Our extensive executive search and recruitment resource, expertise, and global reach means we leave nothing to chance when performing executive search services for your organisation.  

Executive Search Testimonial

"I have worked with other search firms in Thailand and none of them compared to the thoroughness of search that Monroe has done for us. I have always been confident that they can find the unique skillsets that our company looks for. This confidence has even translated to my comfort in asking them to fill a critical requirement for my site outside of Thailand, which I believe only Monroe can achieve for me.​"

Marc Gregorio
executive search testimonial