Product Engineer

Suzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China
YUAN 12,000


Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group China is on behalf of a global leader in Commercial Lighting providers.


  • Work with Business development and Project Engineering team to complete shop drawing design 、sample making、Create BOM、Process drawing、Create SOP within the required timeline. 和业务部和项目工程部合作,按要求完成灯具,道具,门禁,收银台等产品的加工图、样品、BOM、工艺卡和SOP
  • Support Project team and Quality team in establishing experiments to verify new design qualifications such as loading, durability, and function tests…etc. 负责支持项目工程部和质量部门完成产品试验,以验证新设计结构的承重、耐久、功能性的测试
  • Provide Vaule Engineering ideas to help reduce the cost, and improve quality 负责建议工程结构来帮助产品降价和提供产品质量
  • Assist in prototype fabrication with sample room team, and trouble shooting problems ocuured during sample making 负责协助样品组完成样品,并解决样品制作过程中遇到的问题
  • Work with Costing & Estimating team to work out more accurate prices for new products 和估价工程师合作,为新产品制定出更为合理的报价
  • Perform Engineering Change Order process when changes are made to new pro 收到项目工程部对产品图纸变更时,执行图纸变更流程
  • Create BOM’s after products’Engineering drawings are created 负责产品BOM的建立
  • Work with Industry engineers to streamline the current product structure for better process flows 和结构工程师合作,在不影响产品功能的同时简化产品,已获得更为简化的工艺流程
  • Assist Production Engineering leader in establishing standard shop fitting product process 协助生产工程组长建立标准的车间装配流程
  • Responsible for the development of tooling 负责模具工装的开发
  • Responsible to complete tasks in ZOHO within the required timeline 负责及时维护ZOHO中的相关任务
  • Provide technical support for production exception-processing and Kaizen proposal 负责量产产品的生产异常处理、协助生产部做改善
  • Training for new product engineers 培训新生产工程师
  • Complete other job required by Production Engineering Leader 完成部门主管安排的其他任务


  • College degree or above 大专以上学历
  • Technical or Engineering related 工程技术相关专业
  • At least 3 years work experience in metal/lighting product structure and process 3年以上灯具/金属加工行业相关工作经验
  • Good at Solidworks 3D modelling 熟练使用solidworks 3D建模
  • Understand the structure design in metal, lighting…etc. 熟悉金属等材料和灯具方面的的结构设计
  • Good command in Microsoft office 熟练使用office办公软件
  • Good at English both in wirtten and spoken 英语听说读写熟练
  • Familiar with materials used on fixture making and lighting 熟悉展架/灯具行业的材料使用
  • Work under pressure 能承受工作压力
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