Product Officer

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
PHP 35,000
Sales and Marketing

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group is recruiting on behalf of a leading education solutions provider in the Philippines. Our respected client is looking for a proactive Product Officer. The job will be based in Quezon City, Philippines.

The position exists within the company to efficiently manage the development of products from ideation and development to promotion and actual selling. He/she strategizes, coordinates, oversees, and reports progress, as well as the performance of both the products and the portfolio for the assigned business.

A.      Product Definition and Portfolio Management

  • Gather information and on category or subject assigned and translate/interpret knowledge to actual business implementation concepts in relation to the overall company strategy.
  • Analyze technical subject-related requirements, complex market scenarios, and plan business strategy, tactics, and product portfolio aligned to market and category needs satisfaction.
  • Product idea generation from requests, customer pains, market studies, legislation, competitors, and research.
  • Alignment of product ideas with company strategies, business direction, and product portfolio.
  • Setting and deciding on the product direction, value, and road map based on market requirements, competitive analysis, research and fit within product portfolio.

B.      Product Design and Business Analysis

  • Develop technical knowledge on subject assignment and business operations to be able to conceptualize the best product ideas to be included in the portfolio.
  • Assessment of market segment and size, product potential to grow business, and product trends.
  • The setting of product requirements, benefits, goals, design plan, scope, and physical specifications, in coordination with other Stakeholders.
  • The setting of development timeline and target launch.
  • The setting of positioning, the route to market plans and strategies with Marketing.
  • The setting of distribution strategy and sales target in collaboration with Sales.
  • Budgeting, risk analysis, financial analysis, and product profitability study in collaboration with Finance.
  • Deciding on the best product proposals and establishing consensus among the design and business teams for the final product concept for prototyping and business casing.
  • Develop and pitch business case with desired Gross and Net Income targets to management for approval.

C.      Product Development

  • Triggering of the development process with different divisions and persons involved – Item Code Development, Product Production, and Development Request.
  • Approving and monitoring project development plans.
  • Coordination and overseeing product development.
  • Reporting of progress to management.
  • Coordination with stakeholders to ensure the success of product development.
  • Partnering with experts or organizations to ensure the success of product development.
  • Revising, updating, and adjustment of the product development stages as needed due to conditions encountered during the project implementation process.
  • Develop and secure approval for the budget need for product development and launch.
  • Monitor and manage budgets utilized for product development and market launches.

D.      Product Knowledge and Product Launch

  • Conduct product knowledge sessions and assist in sales training.
  • Providing content input in marketing collateral's design and in product costing.
  • Coordination with Supply Chain for delivery and distribution of the product.
  • Ensuring and monitoring effective launch and promotion of products via the market group.

E.       Post-launch Product Monitoring

  • Monitoring of sales performance of products and services vs. targets.
  • Monitoring and initiating changes needed for the effective implementation of product marketing and sales strategies.
  • Revising, updating, and adjusting product plans as needed based on performance, new strategies, or product life cycles.

F.       Product/Personnel Management

  • Managing, monitoring, and updating of assigned business and product portfolios under corresponding Jr. Business Officers if assigned.
  • Supervising in-house and out-sourced technical experts hired for product development support.
  • Managing, developing, monitoring, and updating multiple product strategies.
  • Reporting of status, progress, and performance of assigned business and product portfolios.
  • Ensuring all product development plans are on track and taking corrective actions, as necessary.

 Job Qualifications:

  • Candidate must possess at least preferably in a bachelor’s degree in Education or any field related.
  • At least 3 to 5 years of experience in the field of education/project management/marketing/product management.
  • Licensed teacher
  • Background on education or marketing.
  • Proven skills in Product Management, People Management, Coordination, Understanding the Customer, Product Development, Requirements Analysis, Pricing, Planning, Competitive Analysis, Sales Target Planning, Financial Planning, and/or Strategy.
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