Production and Technical Manager

Beijing, Beijing, China
YUAN 25,000
Business Services

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group China is recruiting on behalf of a French production agency. Our client is a worldwide leading artistic and production house for fashion, luxury events and special events, for commercial brand events as well as numerous other cultural and official institutions and organizations. For almost 40 years already, our client has been entrusted with the design, production and organization of informed and innovative fashion and luxury events where creativity and emotion take center stage. By remaining true to its core values, the agency satisfies the needs and wishes of its clients down to the very last detail, guided by respect for their identity and history, and based on a relationship of trust.

Job Description:

  • Deep knowledge of event technical issues, experienced in event execution, being able to ensure technical safety regulations are met and to instruct the team on technical plans.


  • Familiar with the common props, crafts, materials, and budgets in terms of high-end events with sufficientknowledge and practical experience.


  • Familiar with the common video/audio/lighting equipment and budgets in terms of high-end events with sufficient knowledge and practical experience.


  • Understanding all sorts of technical drawings, being able to quote or review quotations independently.


  • Estimating and negotiating relevant budgets with team members.


  • Familiar with events procedures, being able to assist on production and execution according to company’s regulations and project timelines.


  • In charge of the technical and production details to be part of biddings and liaise with team members on preparing, submitting bids and able to participate in bidding support process.


  • Working independently on set-up schedules, organizing team, materials, set-up progress, etc., in order to ensure execution quality.


  • Liaising with project managers and supplier on technical problems and with designers on technical drawings reviewing, in order to optimize solutions and to cut costs.


  • Supervising the production process, product quality, and production duration; Solving on-site technical problems.


  • Summarizing and evaluating qualified suppliers.


  • Actively dealing with emergencies, making efficient decisions to solve problems, and reporting to superior.


  • Giving feedback and summaries on materials, props, venues, etc. with team after events finished.


  • If necessary, maintaining good communication with clients, understanding clients’ needs in time and make corresponding adjustments.


  • Other relevant work.



  • Over 5 years of experience on production, purchasing, technical management in the field of exhibition, advertising, or events planning. Experiences in high-end events, large-scale set-up, and within international team; Luxury events experiences would be preferred.


  • Quickly and reasonably organizes resources according to needs.


  • Familiar with Microsoft Office software and technical drawings. Would be preferred if familiar with AUTOCAD, PS, AI, etc.

熟练操作办公软件,熟悉工程图纸,会 AUTOCAD、PS、AI 等软件者优先;

  • Bachelor’s degree or above, can work in Chinese and English.


  • Good communication skills and manners, good professional ethics.


  • Ability to withstand pressure and solve problems, actively confronting difficulties and challenges.


  • Willing to take business trips.


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