Security Content Developer

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
PHP 50,000
I.T. Software
Information Technology

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Philippines is recruiting on behalf of a global technology company focused on delivering solutions for cybersecurity, securing mobility, and identity management. Our respected client is seeking an IT Network & Security Professional for the job of Security Content Developer. The job is located in Makati City, Philippines.

Job Summary

The Security Content Developer will be responsible for adapting security content from different regulatory bodies (government and commercial) as a tool for security assessment/audit and authorization.

Key job responsibilities include:

  • Security Content
    • Develops/updates the components of a security content package; which includes requirements (security controls, alerts, bulletins), test groups, test procedures, criteria questions, security categories, security domains, requirements assignment questionnaires, recommended controls implementation, security overlays (tailoring), control mapping, hardware/software classifications, test scopes, severity/priority classifications, role definitions, and controls applicability from regulatory content.
    • Develops/updates a translation file that enables the upgrade of a security content package from one version to another.
    • Develops/updates an assessment questionnaire based on a specific security content package.
    • Develops/updates assessment documentation templates required in an assessment effort.
    • Creates and monitors correspondences and written intercommunication.
    • Strategizes the development of content through the:
      • Review and analysis of source content
      • Creation of Level of Effort (LOEs)
      • Generation of the development plan
    • Verifies the accuracy and completeness of the security content package.
    • Addresses findings and other issues encountered during security content package review.
    • Addresses inquiries regarding security content package and accommodate clarifications.
    • Discusses and provides process improvement and documentation.
    • Performs repository maintenance and clean-up, ensuring that the process complies with standards.
    • Performs the setup and maintenance of content servers.
    • Develops scripts for task automation.
    • Participates in the internal retrospective discussion, presents issues, and possible solutions.
    • Prepares and updates a summary of tasks for status meetings.
    • Supports lead security analyst in performing general team duties.
      • Conducts internal review of team deliverables, verifies if these meet requirements and standards
      • Coordinates with fellow workers to complete tasks
      • Monitors and reports on the progress of deliverables, as needed
  • Others
    • Attends meetings, as required.
    • May report on non-regular working hours, as needed.
    • Performs other duties as requested and within areas of expertise.
  • Prepared Reports
    • Status reports
    • Project reports
  • Accessed records
    • Proprietary security and regulatory content
    • Enhancement records
    • Bug reports
    • Minutes of the meetings
    • Other project records
  • Internal
    • Coordination with other departments (PH and USA)
  • External
    • This position does not entail interaction with external contacts

Key job requirements include:

  • Technical Skills
    • Intermediate knowledgeable of security applications
    • Intermediate knowledgeable of firewall configuration
    • Intermediate knowledgeable of TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, LDAP, VPN
    • Intermediate knowledgeable of computer system troubleshooting
    • Intermediate Knowledge of IT security concepts and practices
    • Knowledge in security infrastructure or network architecture best practices
    • Intermediate knowledgeable of internet and information technology concepts and practices
    • Intermediate knowledgeable of XML (OCIL, OSCAL, XSL)
    • Intermediate knowledgeable of any programming languages (Python, VBA)
    • Intermediate knowledgeable of Microsoft Excel
    • Intermediate knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process
    • Intermediate knowledge of the different software methodologies
    • Intermediate knowledge of any enterprise-level applications
    • Knowledge in NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF)
    • Knowledge in Cyber Security risk management solutions
    • Intermediate knowledge of Cloud computing
    • Intermediate Knowledge of IT security concepts and practices
  • Soft skills
    • Good research skills; is resourceful and persevering
    • Good analytical skills; keen attention to detail
    • Good problem-solving skills
    • Good organizational skills
    • Good presentation skills
    • Good verbal and written English communication skills
    • Ability to adapt to new technologies
    • Ability to work in and with teams in a fast-paced and dynamic environment
    • Is accountable
    • Strong grasp of corporate values
    • ​Capable of making sound decisions
    • Is proactive and capable of self-direction and self-motivation
  • Bachelor’s degree in any Information Technology-related or computer-related courses
  • With three (3) years’ of experience in security assessment, systems engineering, security analysis, malware analysis, security operations center, technical support, and/or security QA specialist
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