Senior Copywriter

Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Business Services

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group China is hiring on an advertising company which is found in 2010. The Company is an integrated digital marketing agency whose specialty encompasses social media campaigns, social commerce, content creation, and design for ambitious brands looking to reach the Chinese consumer. Most of their clients are from Consumer goods, FMCG, Beauty, Skincare, and lifestyle, and they have a vivid team culture with strong ambition, they have always welcomed great talents to join the company!

Job Description:

  • 负责品牌营销战役创意方案的构思及撰写;
  • 对于策划方案的落实和执行进行高质量把控;
  • 关注行业、品牌和竞品的最新动态,保持内容产出新锐、及时。

Job Qualifications:

  • 4 年工作经验,包括 2 年 Digital&Social 类型经验;
  • 有快消/美妆/女士护肤/日化品类相关经验最佳;
  • 文字表现力佳,能驾驭多种文字调性、风格,并能独立完成工作;
  • 了解数字营销领域项目属性,包括各类型 Campaign、明星粉丝营销、Social 种草等(小红书、抖 音等平台深度用户者加分);
  • 熟悉各类社交平台属性和玩法,了解热门 app 和公众号;
  • Art sense 好,能与 art 搭档配合;
  • 有提案能力者加分。
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