Senior Packaging Designer

Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China
YUAN 30,000
Business Services

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group China is hiring on behalf of a world’s leading brand consultancy, for over 40 years - having pioneered iconic work and forged many of the brand building tools that are now commonplace. In collaboration with many of the world’s leading brands, our client is pioneering the future of brand building. In the world of Amazon, Instagram, 5G, and AI, Iconic Moves and a new approach to “always on” brand building are our client’s current priorities. Our client has published 18 books on brands and are often the reference point for university curriculum and professional associations. Today, through their own Academy, our client aims to be the most accelerated learning environment in the marketing world.


  • Professional acumen, able to judge the pros and cons of the brand & product tone, and provide customers with feasible insights.
  • Use comprehensive subject knowledge and management knowledge, and grasp the way and rhythm of packaging visual work.
  • Plan and organize visual analysis and research. Including packaging visual trend analysis, brand symbol or digital product visual tonality status observation and problem analysis, etc., to propose insight visual conclusions.
  • Combine brand or product positioning, lead the visual team to learn and use design methods, discover and grasp the direction of the visual tone, and bring double value to customers and users.
  • Transform the design concept into a directional visual design and lead the formulation of visual principles that are more suitable for the product.
  • Targeting implementability, refine the design, guide and establish detailed principles that can ensure the extension and uniformity of subsequent design; face-to-face with different department teams and customers, communicate design concepts and values through vivid and multi-angle communication, and win trust and recognition.


  • 5-8 years of relevant work experience.
  • An undergraduate degree or advanced degree preferred.
  • Mastery of basic design principles including typography, line, form, color, pattern, contrast, scale, weight, etc.
  • Mastery in applying the principles of identity and visual system design across multiple touch points.
  • Proficiency in creative direction in 4 or more specific areas.
  • Fluency in English is a plus.
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