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Monica's Career Journey With Monroe
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Monica's Career Journey with Monroe

  • Publish Date: Posted 超过 11 年之前

​​I joined Monroe Consulting Group at the start of 2012. I first started as an Executive Recruitment Consultant working in the Indonesian Branch and, after one-and-a-half years, I was offered the possibility of helping to start Monroe operations in another country, Chile, where I spent one year building a new office. After the first year I needed to return to Asia and Monroe offered the chance to take over as Managing Director in Malaysia. After building a successful team in Malaysia, Monroe supported by request to relocate to the Philippines.

For me this represents not only good career advancement, but also the chance to experience different international recruitment markets. This was a big change and opportunity that I have embraced and will never regret. I have to say I had never expected to love working in the recruitment industry as much as I have, and I believe this has been the nicest encounter of my career. I have come to realize that helping a company source its most valuable asset, a great professional they are in need of, is truly rewarding.

Fortunately, Monroe makes this process easier, providing a great system, detailed methodology, know-how and the resources needed for you to be able to excel placing people in prestigious companies. In addition, nowadays I do much more than this, as I have learned about training other consultants, promoting Monroe’s culture and values to clients and consultants, developing new business, administering a recruitment office and planning digital presence activity.

But there is still more – there are some lessons that I will be able to apply anywhere I go, and I have also learned during these two years. I have learned that a company that rewards effort, trusts its employees and provides good opportunities to grow and is a great place to work. “Monroers,” as we usually call ourselves, are devoted to the company not only while we work for the company but also after leaving the company. I am still in touch with some ex-colleagues that worked for Monroe for several years and still today are explaining how great working for Monroe was or how much they miss the good atmosphere within the company.

Even though this is not an easy job, as it requires a lot of effort, self-discipline and sometimes dealing with frustration, it does reward every bit of effort you put in. I feel really fortunate as I have learned a lot with the Monroe Consulting Group in three years. It is a great school for young and motivated professionals looking for a dynamic and innovative multinational company where you can grow and fulfil your potential as a professional.