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Monroe Meets Recruitment Needs in the Growing Health Industry

  • Publish Date: Posted 超过 9 年之前

Award-winning executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group has launched a specialised ‘Health Division’ to reflect the continued growth of the healthcare sector in the emerging economies.

Monroe, which has operations in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, as well as Chile and Mexico, now operates Health, Professional, Consumer Goods, Industrial and Technology divisions to meet the needs of leading multinational and local companies in the worlds emerging markets.

Monroe places a premium on ensuring that all its recruitment consultants specialise in providing 360-degree recruitment for middle- to senior-level executives within a particular division. Through the immersion in one of these key areas, Monroe consultants best understand the evolving needs of not only their client companies, but also prospective job candidates.

Monroe Group Managing Director Andrew Hairs said that although Health was a new division, Monroe had long recruitment associations with a number of well-known pharmaceutical and life science companies. Taking the knowledge gained from working with these companies was invaluable in establishing the new Health Division, which encompasses the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, life sciences and medical devices, he said.

“After discussions with a number of leading companies in the health sector, Monroe was surprised to hear that there really were no recruitment companies offering a specialist recruitment service in the emerging countries for the health, pharma and hospital industries,” he said.

Hairs said that as the emerging markets become wealthier the demand for access to improved healthcare and services increased. The pharmaceutical industry estimates that 65 percent of its growth in the next 5 years will be driven by emerging economies, he said.

“As companies in this sector expand their presence in the emerging markets, Monroe has seen an increase in the demand for skilled professionals in the Healthcare sector.”