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Respected Indonesian CEO Briefs Monroe Recruitment Consultants

  • Publish Date: Posted 差不多 9 年之前

Respected Indonesian CEO Hanung Semiartedy, who heads the Batang Industrial Corporation, is the latest senior executive to visit the offices of Monroe Consulting Group to share his knowledge and experiences with the Company’s recruitment consultants.

Hanung has held a wide variety of key roles with a number of respected multinational corporations operating in Indonesia, including as marketing director of The Linde Group. During his long association with Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, Hanung served as marketing director, supply chain manager and commercial manager, to name but a few. Prior to that, he worked as an accountant for Nestlé USA.

Andreas Saputra, head of Monroe’s specialised Consumer Goods Division, said Hanung spoke widely about his experiences in the fast-moving consumer goods industry in Indonesia and the key challenges working with multinational and national corporations. Andreas said it was important for recruitment consultants to have a strong working knowledge and understanding of the industry in which they specialised, including the real issues and challenges confronting those working in consumer goods.

“One of the things that sets Monroe consultants apart from other recruitment agencies is simply because we have very strong (if not the strongest) insights and knowledge about our specific industry,” Andreas said. “For FMCG, which is marked by incredible change, I encourage my team of consultants to constantly investigate, to always be curious, about what events or changes are occurring and how this impacts on the recruitment market in general.”

Andreas said Hanung had helped his team gain a deeper understanding or indeed a new perspective from an expert in his field. “He was originally scheduled to speak for 45 minutes but because of the number of questions from our consultants, he was with us for an hour and a half,” he said. “We will definitely invite more exerts for another sharing session in the very near future.”

Rian firmansyah, an executive recruitment consultant from Consumer Goods, said Hanung’s frank information had been invaluable to himself as a relatively new recruitment consultant. “He is highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the industries he has worked in, so that was one aspect,” he said. “Another aspect was his perception of recruitment consultants and the type of personality he likes to deal with … how we can make the best impact from our very first call. This will help me source the best talent without being considered too annoying or pushy.”

Dhika Ciputra, Industrial Division Head, said deeper industry knowledge helped consultants grow professionally. “When consultants get to understand more about an industry, especially from real experts, they are best able to establish benchmarks and source the best candidates,” he said. “Dealing with CEOs on an almost daily basis provides a number of opportunities – first-hand experience and access to a strong network of potential job candidates and client companies.”