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Monroe Meet Digital E-commerce Expert Alif Priyono for Discussion on Technology Industry

  • Publish Date: Posted 差不多 9 年之前

A leading figure in the digital and E-commerce industry in Indonesia, Alif Priyono, visited the Jakarta offices of Monroe Consulting Group recently to share his wide knowledge of the rapidly expanding and evolving sectors with Monroe’s dedicated team of recruitment consultants.

Alif, a self-described “technology and digital enthusiast,” is one of the key players behind the success of OLX Indonesia (formerly known as Toko Bagus), playing a key role in the operations part of the business, building the number of employees from 25 people to 65, and in marketing, in charge of an eight-digit US dollar marking budget. Today, OLX stands as one of the strongest online classified E-commerce businesses in Indonesia.

Tina Nugraheni, who leads Monroe Consulting Group’s specialised Technology Division, said Alif’s presentation and question-and-answer session was invaluable for her team of eight recruitment consultants, who were able to glean important information on a range of issues pertinent to the digital and E-commerce space in Indonesia. Alif is the latest in a number of high-profile technology figures to brief Monroe’s Technology Division.

“It was indeed an honour for us,” Tina said. “Alif’s generosity in sharing his insights really enlightened us about the E-commerce market: Its enormous growth; the challenges faced; and what are expected to be the likely future trends.”

Highlights included Alif’s expertise in online marketing by the effective management of an online presence, including utilising Google AdWords, search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), Tina said. “It was highly beneficial to the recruitment consultants from a general and technical perspective,” she said. “It has increased our understanding of Internet usage patterns and consumer behaviour in Indonesia.”

Alif also briefed the consultants on entrepreneurship in the E-commerce and digital industries in Indonesia, speaking about how much easier it was to establish a business today, compared to a decade ago. “He said the entrepreneurial spirt was at the forefront of E-commerce businesses, highlighting the importance of continually learning from failure as a key element, and keeping up to speed in a competitive and expanding market.”

Tina said Alif had reinforced a number of the Technology Division’s winning recruitment strategies and had opened possibilities as to how Monroe could take its services to corporate clients in the digital world to another level.

“Alif was highly engaging and open … the session was fun, more like a discussion than a training session,” Tina said. “He is highly experienced, practiced, skilled and very knowledgeable about digital industry and was able to answer all of the questions we asked,” she said. “It was such a pleasure to meet a digital expert of his calibre and we can’t wait for our next session with him.”

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