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Monroe Launch Partnership with Philippine Red Cross

  • Publish Date: Posted 超过 8 年之前

Recruitment specialists Monroe Consulting Group Philippines is pleased to announce the launch of what is hoped to be a long-term commitment to the Philippine Red Cross, including the ongoing provision of financial support as well as helping locate skilled personnel during times of natural disasters or other emergencies.

Monroe Philippines Managing Director Stuart Gatland paid homage to the Philippine Red Cross who were active in providing support to the poor and other marginalised groups and were on the front lines when disaster struck.

Stuart said Monroe and its dedicated team of recruitment consultants would be providing monetary assistance and helping to raise additional funding for the Red Cross’s many on-going projects, as well as making a number of other contributions, including donating blood and volunteering to assist operations at the central control centre, which was manned around the clock throughout the year.

“Our first task with the Red Cross is to help promote its new Hazard App for android phones, which notifies subscribers of any disasters or dangerous situations within a specified area, as well as a number of tools and useful information that can save lives in emergencies,” he said. “The app is easy to load from Google play: just search for Philippine Hazards and download for free.”

Stuart said Monroe consultants would also be joining the Million Volunteer Run at Global City, Manila, on Dec. 13 to help raise funds for new ambulances and rescue vehicles, as well as other fund-raising initiatives.

In addition, Monroe would assist in leveraging the company’s vast network of skilled professionals and business contacts who could help provide assistance during emergency situations, Stuart said.

Another priority was for the recruitment consultants to train as first aid volunteers, along with representatives from some of our Monroe’s key clients, so they were in positions to be able to provide additional assistance in life or death situations, he said.

Eliza Capulong, head of Monroe Philippine’s Industrial Division, said the Philippine Red Cross were a hugely deserving organisation whose operations extended well beyond disaster management, and included national blood services, humanitarian law and Red Cross Youth, as well as safety, health and social services.

“It is the most reliable and efficient non-profit organization operating in the Philippines,” Eliza said. “They are very particular about trust and accountability and ensure they are transparent in all the activities they do and with the financial assistance they receive.”

Christian Narito, the head of logistics and training centre of the Philippine Red Cross, thanked Monroe for its “leadership” and “vision” in supporting the organisation and looked forward to working closely with the recruitment company, including as a consultant for the Red Cross’s training programmes.