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Leaders in Big Network Data, Niometrics, visit Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia

  • Publish Date: Posted 大约 8 年之前

It is a rapidly changing world and nowhere is that more evident than in the technology sector. Staying on top of these advances and their everyday applications is a key function of Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia’s specialised recruitment consultants, who must have comprehensive industry knowledge to be able to source the best candidates for innovative technology companies.

To maintain its position as Indonesia’s leading recruitment agency, Monroe Consulting Group invited Mr Iman Kusuma Ardika, Country Director of Niometrics, to give a topical presentation about “Big Network Data,” and discuss its impact on today’s network operators. In attendance were recruitment consultants from Monroe’s specialised Technology Division, as well as its Professional Division, which oversees banking, finance and insurance.

Niometrics, headquarted in Singapore, is recognised as the emerging technology leader in Big Network Data, developing end-to-end solutions that allow network operators (CSPs) to transform the vast amount of data carried in network traffic into actionable business-level insights. Called Deep Network Analytics (DNA), its analytics platform features an architecture that is flexible, extensible and scalable to meet current and future big-data needs. Its core technologies provide full-stack capabilities from data extraction to analytics, and visualisation.

“Big data has the ability to transform key industries, such as the telecommunications, banking, E-commerce, health, consumer goods, enterprise, higher education, and insurance sectors. At Niometrics, we transform the vast amounts of network traffic into insights that CSPs can use to drive decision-making and strategy,” said Mr Iman, who also specialises in data analytics and monetization. “Today we can analyse larger volumes of data than was previously possible to derive more precise answers, analysing vast amounts of data in motion to create new opportunities and enabling our customers to tackle complex problems that previously could not be solved.”

Monroe Technology Division Head Tina Nugraheni said securing talent for such specialised technology companies looking to expand into emerging markets such as Indonesia, presented difficulties. “This is also true, however, in more developed economies, where the importance of education in the technology sector has not been comprehended fully,” she said. “Even in Singapore, which is the most advanced country in Southeast Asia when it comes to technology, it has only recently become possible to major in data analytics.”

Tina said that in the absence of qualified and experienced candidates, there were a number of steps that could be implemented, including sourcing talent from alternative backgrounds such as electrical engineering, computer science and mathematics, for example, and implementing a comprehensive internal training programme.

“It’s like building a new ecosystem for the future,” she said, adding that it was important that companies implemented concrete steps to ensure they could retain qualified professionals.

Monroe Consulting Group is an international award-winning recruitment company that operates in key emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific, including China, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Chile and Mexico. If focuses on providing the best talent to multinational and national companies in the technology, consumer goods, professional, health and industry sectors.