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More Multinational Corporations Look to Monroe Philippines for Recruitment Services

  • Publish Date: Posted 大约 8 年之前

International award-winning Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Philippines is experiencing an “explosion of interest” from new multinational corporations seeking to establish their companies in the Philippines.

Stuart Gatland, managing director of Monroe Philippines, said the increasing interest in the Philippines, which recorded economic growth of 6.9 percent in the first quarter of 2016 to surpass China, was not only from Western corporations, but from Asian businesses also.

“Clients from Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and China are relocating back-office services and some manufacturing units to the numerous purpose-built enterprise zones established across the country,” Mr Gatland said. “And it’s not just Manila that is attracting growth; locations like Davos, Cebu, Iloilo, Clarke and Bacolod are receiving international business exposure.”

By way of example, Mr Gatland said almost 40 Turkish manufacturing companies had expressed interest in transferring operations from China to the Philippines due to unfavorable business conditions in China, and the benefits of doing business here.

The reasons for this were plain to see, he said. “A high percentage of young Filipinos speak English, have completed high school and many have university degrees,” he said, “and the Philippines has some of the lowest average salaries in Asia, among other factors, including political stability.”

Mr Gatland said that as one of the Philippines’ leading executive recruitment companies, Monroe was increasingly being sought out by new corporate clients, both national and multinational businesses.

“Our clients are entrusting our team of experienced and successful recruitment consultants to source and recruit the key bi-lingual executives required to launch these new ventures, from C-level executives, sales directors, human resources professionals to hard-to-find technical professionals in a wide variety of sectors, namely technology, banking and finance, health, industrial and consumer goods.”

He said Monroe not only provided vital recruitment services, but also offered additional support to its clients, including payroll services and “plain and simple advice for new businesses” gained from years of experience working in the country.

Monroe Consulting Group, which has offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and China along with Chile and Mexico, was named Best Small Recruitment Business and Best Overseas Operation at the Global Recruiter Asia Pacific Industry Awards 2015 in Singapore. The company was previously named Best Small Recruitment Business in 2014 and 2013 and Best Overseas Operation in 2013.