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Indonesian Technology and IT Professionals, Your Country Needs You

  • Publish Date: Posted 差不多 8 年之前

Calling on all Indonesian technology and IT professionals studying or working abroad. We need you to return home to Indonesia to help fill jobs that will contribute to the ongoing growth of a range of technology-related sectors, including E-commerce, information technology and consumer electronics.

That is the call from Tina Nugraheni, the head of executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia’s Technology Division.

Tina, who has led the international award-winning recruitment company’s technology operations in Indonesia for almost three years, has scheduled an information-sharing session with the Indonesian Student Association in Delft (PPI Delft) in the Netherlands on July 2. The event will be held at the prestigious Unesco-IHE Institute. The presentation is the latest such event, with a similar session conducted at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology recently.

“The technology sector in Indonesia, particularly E-commerce, has been marked by rapid growth, which has placed a strain on a company’s ability to attract and retain key executives,” Tina said. “Quite simply, there are not enough qualified candidates and this is leading to rapidly expanding salaries and rapid promotion. We need more qualified people.”

Tina said that Monroe had been maintaining close relationships with a number of key Indonesian student organisations around the world, and had been vocal in promoting Indonesia’s burgeoning tech scene, which involved everything for exciting new start-ups to massive multinationals.

“Amazon is just the latest E-commerce company to signal an intention to enter the market in Indonesia with an initial one-year investment of US$600 million,” Tina said. “It’s a very dynamic area and salaries are starting to catch up to foreign levels. Combined with low living costs, Indonesia is an attractive destination for graduates and executives, particularly those with degrees from universities abroad.”

She said Delft PPI was selected because it contained Indonesian students studying at the Unesco-IHE Institute and the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). “It is a great opportunity for Monroe to be able to share with these students from these two great centres of learning where there are a lot of Indonesian students majoring in software and engineering, two areas in which we have acute shortages of talent.”

Tina said she would provide the students with an outline of the manpower situation in Indonesia and the respective sectors, particularly the technology, IT and digital areas, opportunities and prevailing remuneration packages.

“My message is a simple one: Indonesia is calling you back home.”

Tina Nugraheni has been the head of Monroe Indonesia’s specialised Technology Division since January, 2014. A graduate of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Tina will be visiting the Netherlands to undertake a summer course in digital marketing. The course is part of Monroe’s internal professional development programme.