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Are Technology Companies Operating in the Philippines Ready to Recruit the Best?: Technological innovation is taking root in the Philippines. Is your business ready to adapt?

  • Publish Date: Posted 差不多 8 年之前

The 4th annual Systems Integration Philippines 2016 opened at the SMX Convention Center Manila on August 11, posing one important question to the 150 participating technology-based companies: “Technological innovation is taking root in the Philippines. Is your business ready to adapt?”

Patrick-Lawrence Tan, CEO of event organizer Global-Link MP Events International, said he wanted to help multinational and national companies operating in the Philippines to gain a clear picture or the “innovative solutions, products, and services are [that are] out there in the market.”

“SIP is about emerging technologies and it is subdivided into different sections depending on the industry. We have pro-AVL for events and film, entertainment technology, consumer electronics, advertising and media, information technology, unified communications, and office solutions,” Mr Tan told the Manila Bulletin.

Angel Fabia, a consultant with executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Philippines’ Technology Division, said both the economy of the Philippines and the technology sector in general were extremely buoyant.

“We have some of the leading multinational technology companies already established or looking to build manufacturing centres in the Philippines,” Angel said. “Across the board, from these large companies to the digital development sphere, software development, gaming, E-commerce, business process outsourcing, all these companies have the same basic requirement and that is recruitment, namely recruiting the best people for the best jobs in a highly competitive marketplace.”

She said attending events such as the Systems Integration Philippines 2106 was an important way in which Monroe Philippines could meet industry leaders for their views of issues confronting the sector, as well as share the international award-winning Company’s long history in human resources (HR) and talent acquisition in emerging markets in Southeast Asia and the wider Asia-Pacific region. 

“We are most-often asked if we can source hard-to-find technical or executive job candidates and the answer is always ‘yes,’” she said.

Fellow Monroe Philippines recruitment consultant Arleah Parado said events of the calibre of Systems Integration Philippines 2106 further reinforced the Philippines’ reputation in the technology sector, which incorporates a technology-driven business process outsourcing industry that generated US$25 billion in 2016, a large slice of the country’s GDP of $270 billion.

“We are seeing many dozens of tech start-ups attracted to the Philippines because of the affordable, English-speaking, tech-savvy labour base,” she said. “It’s a no-brainer for many successful companies, many of whom we are happily partnering with to source their recruitment needs.”