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Blogging the New Black at 12th Philippine Blogging Summit at University of the Philippines

  • Publish Date: Posted 差不多 8 年之前

With a general decline in traditional media sources such as newspapers, blogging in the Philippines is again becoming increasingly more relevant, particularly for new or emerging companies that have important stories to tell prospective customers, clients or even potential financial backers. But blogs, both those written by individual writers or by corporate companies, face inherent dangers, including adverse impacts on the bloggers themselves and social media users.

Many hundreds of participants flocked to the 12th Philippine Blogging Summit (iBlog) at the University of the Philippines on September 16, 2016, which was themed ‘Data Privacy, Cybercrime, Libel and Legal Concerns: Its Impact on Bloggers, New Media Publishers, and Social Media Users.’

The iBlog event was supported by commercial broadcast television and radio company GMA Network, E-commerce payment services companies Payoneer, EcashContent and CheckMeOut, online hotel reservation portal TravelbookPH, online shopping portal Lazada, and Alfox Printing.

Executive recruitment consultant Pamela Anne Macariola said her company, Monroe Consulting Group Philippines, had an active blog that featured a range of articles on recruitment- and human resources (HR)-related issues that were not commonly featured in the traditional news media.

“It’s a great way of conveying important information to not only individual job seekers but also to our clients or potential clients, which comprises national and multinational companies in the information technology, E-commerce or digital spheres,” Pam said. “And it also presents cost-effective marketing and branding opportunities, in combination with a large social media footprint.”

She said the theme of the important blogging industry event was particularly timely given recent international hacking scandals that highlighted the importance of data security and privacy. An iBlog panel discussion titled ‘Data Privacy Law: Bloggers and Social Media Users Obligation to Respect and Accountability on the Privacy of Others,’ which featured panellist Jamael A. Jacob of the National Privacy Commission, was of particular interest, she said.

“Data privacy is of utmost concern to Monroe Consulting Group,” Pam said. “As recruitment consultants we deal with sensitive information supplied to us by job candidates and this has to be treated with confidentiality. Even before we process candidates, we explain how their information will be treated, or shared with their prospective new employers.”

Recruitment consultant Kathleen Gumayan, also with Monroe Philippines, said she enjoyed the iBlog discussion presented by Miguel Warren of Payoneer.

“As E-commerce continues to expand rapidly in the Philippines, iBlog was a great event that helped us [recruitment consultants] stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and to meet executives from companies, both new and established, who are often struggling to source high-quality tech executives needed for the growth of their respective businesses,” Kathleen said. “As one of the Philippines’ leading recruitment companies with a focus on this sector, we were also able to provide our insights to a number of senior professionals from leading companies operating in the Philippines, as well as a number of companies looking to start-up here.”