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Growing Interest in Sustainable Technologies Seen at Green Construct Expo Philippines, Recruitment Consultants Say

  • Publish Date: Posted 超过 7 年之前

Executive recruitment consultants from Monroe Consulting Group Philippines rubbed shoulders with leading industry players at the recent Green Construct 2016 at the SMX Convention Center in Metro Manila. The Expo is held in conjunction with Green Energy, with an emphasis on renewable energy, and Green Philippines, which focuses on the manufacturing and lifestyle sectors.

Jubie Bartolay, deputy division head of Monroe’s specialised Industrial Division, said there was a growing interest in sustainable, green buildings, particularly in Metro Manila, but it was generally accepted by industry leaders she met at the Expo that this interest had yet to translate into demand.

“There is no doubt that green buildings are the way of the future and this represents a huge potential demand in the Philippines,” she said. “As a recruitment company, we are seeing an increased need for qualified professionals in this sector.”

Jubie said it was estimated that about 30 percent of multinational companies operating primarily in Manila demanded that their buildings meet green standards. “And in addition, building owners stand to make significant savings in areas such as electricity usage, if buildings are designed in more energy-efficient ways,” she said, adding that research indicated that staff were also more productive in green buildings.

“In terms of demand for industry professionals this is one of the key trends we have noticed,” she said. “Leading companies, building owners and management companies are increasing seeking experts skilled in retro-fitting buildings to save money.”

Recruitment consultant Samantha Garcia said Monroe was helping a number of companies source and recruit industry-leading professionals in a many key positions, including project management executives, engineers, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning HVAC technicians, equipment manufacturers, business development professionals and sales executives.

“Monroe is playing an important role in helping a number of companies in the Philippines address human resources issues and we look forward to continuing our positive relationships as this important industry grows,” she said.

Liberty Miranda, also with Monroe, said it was encouraging to see an increase in a number of green building rating systems, singling out the World Bank-led Greater Efficiencies (EDGE). “Along with a number of developers showing interest in EDGE certification, the Philippines is seeing increased investment in solar energy,” she said.

Jubie said Monroe Consulting Group Philippines had been operating successfully in the country for a number of years. “The traditional energy and power industries are still strong and expanding,” she said. “But we are increasingly placing executives and technical experts in green or alternative energy industries.”