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Executive Recruitment Company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia Hosts Discussion with Brandtone Sales Director

  • Publish Date: Posted 超过 7 年之前

Leading Indonesian sales professional Muhammad Mirza Arditya has described his “leap of faith” moving from the consumer goods industry to the technology-based sector. Mirza was targeted by executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia for a Sales Director job on behalf of Ireland-based mobile-marketing company Brandtone.

Tina, who heads up Monroe Indonesia’s specialised Technology recruitment division, said Mirza participated in a knowledge-sharing session with the Tech team, covering important topics such as Indonesia’s flourishing E-commerce, sales and marketing sectors.

“We also discussed his decision to move from his ‘comfort zone’ in the consumer goods sector to a tech-based company as a ‘leap of faith’ that had really paid off,” Tina said. “He said the growth of the tech sector internationally was incredible and Indonesia was no different. Brandtone is a high-profile start-up and he said it was fantastic to be a key part of a dynamic environment.”

Brandtone, which combines mobile technology, data insights and marketing expertise to help brands grow, has more than 100 high-profile clients around the world, including Pepsi Co and Unilever.

Tina said Mirza had only good things to say about Monroe’s recruitment process, singling out Monroe’s transparency, communication and industry knowledge. 

“He said that having a good understanding of how a candidate’s expertise could add value to the client was crucial because it increased candidate engagement,” Tina said. “He also said that Monroe had helped him to discover a new opportunity through its awareness of the industry and the potential. Brandtone was just beginning to tap its full potential in Indonesia and he was looking forward to playing a key role moving forward.”

Tina said remaining up-to-date with the latest industry news and trends was a key part of international award-winning recruitment company Monroe Indonesia’s successful business strategy to secure high-quality candidates for leading multinational or national companies operating in Indonesia.

She said Mirza provided a number of insights, not only about recruitment, but the wider technology and marketing industry in general, including how Brandtone utilised technology to gather data insights and using the information to escalate sales growth and business profitability.

“Mirza believes that companies are gathering customer insights in their daily activities or transactions. However, he questioned their abilities to use and transform the data into valuable information that could benefit their businesses,” Tina said.

Mirza believed that given that 83 percent of Indonesians have mobile phones, this was one of the most effective ways to reach people in the marketplace, she said, pointing to a perfectly executed campaign for Cornetto featuring pop star and actress Selena Gomez. The campaign was built around Gomez’s 2016 Revival Tour, which featured a concert in Singapore. Fans were given the chance to win tickets and meet the star in person. The promotion, which included a ‘Cornetto Dance Revival Campaign,’ was promoted on a number of social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and Spotify.

“The campaign increased sales by 60 percent, and was a great example of what Mirza said was understanding and targeting the right customers,” Tina said. “Moreover, maintaining relationships with clients and customers is paramount in order to generate sales. Mirza emphasized the importance of understanding the process and stages in approaching prospective customers.”

Tina said the recruitment company, which also had operations in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Chile and Mexico, had five key divisions, namely Technology, Consumer Goods, Industry, Health and Professional, which covered banking, finance and insurance.

“My division, Technology, is increasingly seeing an overlap with the Consumer Goods Division as companies wake up to the importance of E-commerce in Indonesia and try to catch up with their competitors or to stay ahead,” Tina said. “We have worked with many of the top companies operating in these sectors in Indonesia. We understand the markets, the needs or corporate clients and how to recruit the professionals needed to help these companies expand in a sustainable and profitable way.”