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From the Guardians of the Galaxy to Successful Malaysian Companies: Executive Recruitment Matters

  • Publish Date: Posted 超过 7 年之前

What do the movies The Avengers, Suicide Squad, Star Wars, Star Trek, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ocean's Eleven and even Ice Age have in common? Answer: The recruitment of the best people (or in some cases non-humanoid life forms) to fill vital jobs in high-performance teams. The same rules apply to the world’s best sport teams and the leading national or multinational corporations succeeding in Malaysia’s evolving business landscape.

Avinash Kumar Manoharan, a key member of award-winning executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia, will be making guest appearance on BFM 89.9: The Business Radio Station at 10am on March 2 to discuss recruitment and its implications for jobseekers and businesses in Malaysia.

“A common theme among all movies involving great teams begins with a central hero or villain recruiting his or her allies,” he said. “Whether you are planning on robbing a bank or racing to save the universe from imminent destruction, you need to assemble a team that can work toward a common goal and succeed in its mission.”

Avinash said his appearance on BFM’s Enterprise show, hosted by Audrey Raj, would comprise a light-natured but informative discussion about lessons Hollywood movies taught us about recruitment, and executive search in Malaysia in a number of key industries, including consumer goods, technology, industry, health, hospitality and professional services, which incorporates banking, finance and insurance.

He said he hoped to cover the following key subjects:

• The most important elements in the recruitment process, from both client candidate and human resources perspectives

• What do today’s jobseekers are looking for, including salary and other expectations

• What businesses and human resources (HR) professionals look for in job candidates

• The importance of diversity in the workplace

• Building a sustainable recruitment system for future needs

• The growing executive recruitment industry in Malaysia

“Building a career or building a successful business are hugely important issues,” Avinash said. “Hopefully Monroe will be able to provide some valuable insights on BFM on Thursday, March 2. I hope you can tune in.”  

About Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia

Monroe Consulting Group is an international award-winning executive search firm that delivers the highest standards of professionalism to national and multinational companies in emerging markets of Southeast Asia and Latin America. The group opened its first office in 2002 and expanded rapidly to build a network of offices in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Chile and Mexico. The company employs 150 recruitment professionals that are focused on providing outstanding executive search and headhunting services in emerging markets. The company prides itself on embracing diversity, in terms of both ethnicity and gender, with well over 50 percent of the Monroe workforce comprising women. This extends into the executive-level of the company. Three of the company’s six country managing directors in Asia are women.

About BFM: The Business Radio Station

BFM: The Business Radio Station on 89.9 is Malaysia's only independent radio station, focused on business news and current affairs. BFM's purpose is to build a better Malaysia by championing rational, evidence-based discourse as a key element of good policy decisions. BFM applies its discourse-based approach to other programming areas such as entrepreneurship, health, fashion, the arts, sports and music, as well as to its executive education initiative, The BFM Business School. BFM can be heard on frequency 89.9 MHz in Wilayah Persekutuan, Selangor, and parts of Negeri Sembilan and Melaka.