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As Monroe Expands in Thailand and Malaysia, Group Managing Director Andrew Hairs Explains the Recruitment Company’s Hiring Strategy

  • Publish Date: Posted 大约 7 年之前

Monroe Consulting Group, an international award-winning executive recruitment company that operates in emerging markets throughout the Asia-Pacific, is expanding its operations in Thailand and Malaysia and is seeking young professionals for new trainee executive recruitment consultant job openings. 

Group Managing Director Andrew Hairs said Monroe was seeking applicants for the job vacancies in Thailand and Malaysia who had previous workplace experience and were therefore likely to be more settled in their respective careers.

“We find that with fresh graduates, we can train them, we can develop them … they are great … but because it’s their first job, they want to see what else is out there afterwards,” Andrew said. “So we found out that retention is better if they’ve experienced working for a couple of businesses before, because then they’ll realize how good they’ve got it with us.”

Andrew said that in addition to qualifications and experience, Monroe looked at motivation for wanting to become a recruitment consultant – which could range from proving a point to a family member or money – communication skills and an inquisitive nature, which was often reflected during a job interview.

“If the [job candidate] is a naturally inquisitive person, they’re engaging when you speak to them, that’s 90 percent of the battle of becoming a recruitment consultant.”

Andrew, who heads up operations in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Chile and Mexico, replied with an emphatic ‘no’ when asked if he poached staff from other recruitment companies.

“When we’re growing offices and developing new offices, we are very conscious that we want them to develop within the Monroe culture,” he said. “If you start recruiting from other recruitment agencies then it’s very difficult to build the company culture because they will bring in their old habits, their old traits, their old culture to a new business. That makes it very difficult. We look for raw talent and we’ll develop that talent. What I look for is potential.”

Andrew said Monroe provided a strong and successful internal training and mentorship programme that fostered success and career development in the exciting and rewarding world of recruitment.

“So with our process, it’s very structured and provides [our recruitment consultants] with a great framework which they can work to and understand and deliver great results,” Andrew said. “And then on top of that we have our key performance indicators (KPIs), telling someone if you do this, this and this and achieve these numbers, you will have the results at the end.

Andrew Hairs was talking to Eloise Sutton-Kirkby, Head of Sales and Marketing at Vincere, the SaaS disruptor in the recruitment customer relationship management niche.