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Award-Winning Monroe China is Expanding and Hiring Eight Trainee Executive Recruitment Consultants

  • Publish Date: Posted 大约 7 年之前

Women again came out on top at Monroe Consulting Group China’s quarterly employee awards celebration in Shanghai recently. The international award winning executive recruitment company, which prides itself on its diversity in the workplace, is also expanding and looking for both trainee and experienced consultants to join its team.

Kelly Liu, managing director of Shanghai-based Monroe Consulting Group China, said women had taken out the top three awards at the Monroe China gathering at the upmarket Windsor KTV, one of Shanghai’s most fashionable karaoke entertainment hotspots.

“Executive recruitment is an exciting industry and Monroe China is a great company to work for because the Group, which is well established throughout the Asia-Pacific region, doesn’t discriminate on the grounds of ethnicity, background or gender,” said Kelly. “If you perform well you will succeed.”

Executive Recruitment Consultant Rowena Zhu captured the categories of hitting or exceeding targets, as well as the prestigious ‘Top Biller’ title.

“I love to be around exciting people who inspire you to succeed and that is why I joined Monroe Consulting Group China and launched a career in the recruitment industry,” Rowena said.

Monroe China, which has been operating in executive recruitment in Shanghai for more than a decade before joining the Monroe brand in mid-2015, currently has 12 executive recruitment consultants but is looking to expand and hire eight more in the coming months. The positions are open to established recruiters looking to further develop their careers, or to recent graduates or young professionals looking to enter the well paid and personally satisfying world of recruitment.

Rowena said that she believed that passion, ambition and a desire to succeed were keys to success in recruitment, which involved placing a diverse array of executives in key jobs with leading companies operating in China, both multinationals and domestic companies.

“It can be a challenging job at times but Monroe China has successfully implemented the Monroe Group’s business model and internal training and mentorship programme that helps individuals succeed in recruitment,” she says. “Thanks to Monroe, over time, I have become more professional in a business sense, and much more independent personally. I am earning good money and I really have a great work-life balance.”

Rowena said joining and working for Monroe had been a “pleasure” and she recommended the career path to others.

Monroe relies on not only the drive and motivation of its individual recruitment consultants and the internal Monroe training and development processes, but also the ability of the consultants to work together as part of a high-performance team. Monroe is divided into five divisions, namely Consumer Goods, Industrial, Health, Technology and Professional, which covers banking, finance, insurance and professional services. Each division head is responsible for the development of his or her respective team, with a strong focus on mentorship.

To this end, Lilian Shi, Assistant Division Head of Monroe China’s Industrial Division, was named ‘Best Team Contributor.’

Puck Sun, Monroe China’s Office and Human Resources Manager, said Lilian has been selected for her outstanding commitment to the development of her team, particularly through “setting realistic goals and helping her team members achieve them.”

“Lilian is a credit to Monroe China and the recruitment industry in the way she has supported her team through a number of important projects,” Puck said. “When recruitment consultants encountered a difficult situation, she was always there to provide valuable input and guidance. Lilian has superior knowledge about the day-to-day intricacies of recruitment, as well as the wider industry in which she operates.”

Lillian said that in addition to Monroe China’s friendly and conducive working environment, great culture, and training and development programme, recruitment consultants were encouraged to “respect and trust each other.”

“The most important thing for me is that when you encounter difficulties, you will always find support,” she said. “This is true for everyone in the organisation. I myself have a strong support network of senior professionals, right up to Monroe Group Managing Director Andrew Hairs, yet at the same time I can dedicate time to help contribute to the growth of my own team.”

Puck said Lilian served as a great example of why working as an executive recruitment consultant for Monroe Consulting Group China was a great career step.

“Monroe China has put everything in place for consultants, even trainee consultants, to succeed in recruitment,” said says. “The company recognises hard-work and talent and rewards it accordingly. We strongly believe in promoting internally and there is no limit to what you can achieve with Monroe. Two of our current Country Managing Directors began their careers as Monroe consultants.”

Monroe Consulting Group is a multiple international award-winning executive recruitment company that specialises in emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The company continues to expand and currently operates in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Chile and Mexico. It has just opened in Vietnam and is already performing well above expectations.