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Monroe Consulting Group Thailand to Continue Support for Children’s Charity

  • Publish Date: Posted 差不多 7 年之前

A respected charity for poverty-stricken children and their families in Thailand, The Gift of Happiness Foundation, has been able to expand and extend its reach after receiving a significant increase in sponsorship from executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Thailand.

“The Gift of Happiness Foundation would not have been able to have such a positive impact on so many young lives without the support of Monroe Thailand,” said Foundation founder Eddie Haworth, a former circus entertainer who delivers interactive, slap-stick comedy shows to vulnerable children, along with essential relief supplies for poor, often desperate, families. “Monroe have been our biggest corporate supporter and we are delighted the recruitment company is increasing its sponsorship.”

Eddie said Monroe Thailand first gifted the Bangkok-based Foundation a US$15,000 box truck to transport aid supplies to at-risk children around Thailand as well as monthly funding of US$580.

“In January 2016, Monroe tripled the funding and then in April and June of this year, the Company started paying the salaries to two of our key employees, reducing our overheads and allowing even more money to be directed to those who need it most – poor children and communities throughout Thailand, from the slums of Bangkok to refugee camps in border areas.”

Eddie reiterated that the total sponsorship package of about $2,000 per month had allowed Gift of Happiness to extend its aid programme to many hundreds of children.

“Monroe has proven to be absolutely fantastic and truly focused on helping to develop the charity into something that should soon be able to help even more than the 1,000 people we already serve in Thailand. We simply couldn’t exist without all this support and we are now trying to encourage more companies to join-in and help us expand further.”

Eddie said the increased funding from Monroe had allowed the charity to expand a programme to provide 300 children with new school uniforms and underwear.

John Tolmie, Managing Director of Monroe Consulting Group Thailand, said the recruitment company’s contribution was a modest one. 

“We are pleased to help but the most important aspect of this important charity work is of course Eddie, the other sponsors or financial backers, volunteers and all the support from individual people in Thailand and around the world,” said John. “We are glad to see that our contributions are being used so well. I’m delighted we have been able to help you out with the new staff and hopefully this means bringing even more smiles to even more children.”

The Gift of Happiness Foundation maintains strong child protection policies and procedures. The founder, trustees and all volunteers are screened to ensure they meet legal and ethical requirements for engaging with vulnerable people in Thailand. The foundation strives to provide a safe, secure environment for all the children it serves. The founder, trustees, volunteers and administrators are unpaid and receive no other financial or in-kind benefits held by the charity. Transparent audited accounts and legal documentation are maintained by SAS Legal Group, Bangkok.