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Monroe Consulting Group Named "Best Small Recruitment Business" Finalist at Global Recruiter Asia-Pacific Awards 2017

  • Publish Date: Posted 差不多 7 年之前

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group has been named a finalist in the Global Recruiter Asia-Pacific Best Small Recruitment Business for 2017.

Monroe, which operates in the emerging markets of China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Chile and Mexico, won Global Recruiter Magazines Best Small Recruitment Business in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and Best Overseas Operation in 2013 and 2015. It was named a finalist in the Best Small Recruitment Business, Best Overseas Operation, Best In-House Training and Best Client Service categories in 2016.

Andrew Hairs, managing director of Monroe Consulting Group, said it was an honour to again be nominated in the Best Small Recruitment Business for the Asia-Pacific region in 2017. 

“In 2016, Monroe achieved a 45 percent increase in profit, which was driven by strong performances from our established offices and the turnaround of an unprofitable business that we acquired in Shanghai in 2015,” Hairs said. “The immediate success of our new business in Vietnam and the reversal of fortunes for the China business is further confirmation that Monroe has a winning formula of business process methodologies and recruitment training.”

Hairs said the nomination was also a reflection of the Company’s strong commitment to investing in its recruitment consultants.

“We prefer to hire people from a non-recruitment background and teach them the way we know recruitment should be done. We target people with the right DNA by using the tag line ‘Doing Something That Matters,’ as we believe in hiring people who care and genuinely want to help others. The ‘Care’ factor is developed in the office as well as through corporate social responsibility programs. Engaging with local charities and donating time as well as financial support gives support to our message of ‘Doing Something That Matters’.”

He said the sustained commitment to professional development and strict in-house hiring policy had resulted in locally trained recruitment consultants being promoted to all second-tier management positions within the company, as well as the majority of the Country Director roles.

“Developing talent and providing them with a solid methodology to deliver recruitment services allows us to achieve high levels of client and candidate satisfaction on a consistent basis. Evidence of the high level of service is provided in the support documents, where you will find an extensive list of testimonials from both client companies and job candidates.”

Hairs said the company was also excelled in the areas of workplace diversity, social media and corporate social responsibility.

“As Monroe Consulting Group focuses on recruitment in emerging economies, we take our CSR commitments very seriously, supporting a number of carefully selected charities that we believe are 100 percent accountable, transparent and have the biggest impact,” he said. “Two prominent examples include a charity to support sick or terminally children from poor backgrounds, as well as the Gift of Happiness Foundation, which provides entertainment and vital supplies to children in impoverished communities in Thailand.”