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Grady's Career Journey with Monroe

  • Publish Date: Posted 超过 6 年之前

​​I started in 2011 and my only regret about working for Monroe was that I didn’t join the recruitment company earlier. The people business has always been my passion and I was engaged in this for a corporation before joining Monroe. The difference is that when you’re working in the corporate world, everybody has their own job roles and is expected to keep doing the same thing every day and there is very little recognition of your work, let alone receiving rewards.

Once you come to Monroe Consulting Group, you will see that not only will there be a significant impact on your rewards – you’ll be amazed – but you also bring significant impacts to other people’s careers and lives. Imagine that your work has brought joy to families and that these people are grateful for your efforts.

Clearly this is not just a “job” because we are adding value to other people’s lives and businesses. Moreover, you’re working in a fun, lively and empowering company culture. Most consultants are overseas graduates that understand the value of discipline, hard work and being independent. We’re more than office colleagues, we’re a family. We support and help each other. It’s a great place to work.