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Executive recruitment company has chemistry with Indonesian industrial sector

  • Publish Date: Posted 差不多 6 年之前

Indonesia has massive potential in the agricultural sector, including feed mills. That’s the view of George Hadi, the former president director and country managing director of DuPont Agricultural Products Indonesia and chemical company Dupont Indonesia.

George was speaking at an information-sharing session hosted by executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia’s Industrial Division.

The division, one of five at the international award-winning executive recruitment company, specialises in sourcing executive-level or highly technical talent in a number of industry-related sectors, including manufacturing, construction, heavy machinery, energy, agriculture and chemicals.

Tina Nugraheni, who heads up the Industrial Division, said George had great success leading Dupont Indonesia for more than 10 years and was now enjoying his time as an entrepreneur with Tirta Adi Makmur (TAM), a chemical and food ingredient distribution company.

“It is important that the recruitment consultants in my division have every opportunity to meet leaders in a range of industries so they can enhance their collective understanding of that particular industry to offer the best possible recruitment services.”

Tina said George was able to share the reality of the chemical industry in Indonesia, which he described as “stagnant”. 

“George said that from his point of view, some sectors such as food processing and feed mills that produce feed for animals are still predicted to grow. He spoke about the huge untapped potential is actually with Agriculture.”

In terms of recruitment, George said it remained difficult to hire and retain executive-level managers, although the situation had improved from five years when job candidates were demanding “ridiculous salary increases,” she said.

“Now the market has begun to set some standards, although it is never easy to find good qualified people in the market.”

Tina said that she was honoured that George had spoken so highly of Monroe Indonesia, and its reputation as the leading executive recruitment company, including in the industrial sector.

“Our knowledge of the wider sector is crucial to our ability to source hard-to-find candidates and successfully recruit them for leading Indonesian and multinational companies, while at the same time managing salary expectations that can often be unreasonable.”