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Monroe Thailand-Backed Children’s Charity Keeps Delivering Smiles

  • Publish Date: Posted 超过 5 年之前

The Gift of Happiness Foundation has wished a “simple sincere ‘thank you’” to its sponsors after the respected non-profit charity secured an interest-free loan to purchase a new off-road truck to deliver aid and smiles to disadvantaged children in Thailand.

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Thailand has actively supported the foundation, founded and run by circus entertainer Eddie Haworth, for a number of years.

The foundation and its team of volunteers distributes tons of vital supplies, including medical supplies, food and clothing, to vulnerable children and their families, and regularly provide interactive and educational comedy shows that bring a little light into the bleak existence of many of the children.

Monroe Thailand is privileged to be in a position to be able to help Gift of Happiness pay its rent for its office and warehouse, pay for two full-time staff and purchase one of two vehicles used to distribute aid.

Eddie said his original truck, purchased in 2005, had reached the end of its life during a recent excursion into the country’s mountainous northern regions and a decision was made to find a replacement vehicle.

“We were only able to facilitate a large interest-free loan needed to buy the truck because the lender saw Monroe's long-term comments to supporting our charity,” Eddie said.

“We couldn't have made the purchase without Monroe’s past and future commitments to sustaining our expansion and development as we are now serving more than 2,000 needy people per month in Thailand.”

John Tolmie, Managing Director of Monroe Thailand, said the recruitment company remained committed to maintaining its position as the official corporate sponsor of the important foundation, which was well run and financially transparent.

“We are happy to contribute in our small way to Eddie’s ongoing mission to bring relief and smiles with his interactive, slap-stick comedy shows – a form of entertainment that may be foreign to the vast majority of people served by Gift of Happiness, but is still universally understood.”