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Executive recruitment consultants say Indonesia’s logistics industry ‘moving forward’

  • Publish Date: Posted 超过 5 年之前

​The timing of a high-level logistics discussion hosted by executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia could not have been better.

‘Moving forward: The Digitalization of Indonesia's Logistics Industry’, which attracted a number of key executives in the logistics and warehousing market, coincided with the release of a report that showed the sector is expected to hit US$75 billion in revenue by 2023.

 Almost 30 chief executive officers, country managers and business leaders from the shipping, logistics, transportation and distribution industries attended the event in Jakarta.

Keynote speakers were Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman, Head of Economic Research at PT. Samudera Indonesia, who spoke about emerging technologies in the shipping industry, and Power Group Indonesia CEO Hadi Kuncoro who shared his expertise on E-commerce and the supply chain.

Sidiq Fanani, a headhunter with Monroe Indonesia’s specialist Industrial Division, said the logistics industry was experiencing significant growth on the back of increasing infrastructure spending on airports and seaports.

“Additionally, there is an increasing need for cool storage to feed an increasing population,” Mr Sidiq said on the sidelines of the Breakfast Meeting hosted by the executive search agency.

“It is an exciting time for the logistics industry, the Indonesian economy and Monroe as we specialize in executive recruitment for not only large industrial companies but also logistics companies.”

Tina Nugraheni, the head of both Monroe’s Industrial and Technologies divisions, said there was a growing need for Technology-based companies, even in the Consumer Goods sector, to move toward a digitalized approach to logistics.

“There are new major developments on an almost weekly basis,” the headhunting executive said.

“Last week, Kargo, an ‘Uber for trucks’ startup in Jakarta founded by a former executive from Uber Asia, secured $7.6 million in funding – the logistics industry is extremely dynamic.”

She said there were 26 major national and multinational freight forwarding and warehousing operators in Indonesia, five major post and courier companies and a growing number of operators in the E-commerce logistics market.

Mr Sidiq said Indonesian companies were beginning to embrace Industry 4.0 and were realising there is a shortage of key executives or hard-to-source technology talent in Indonesia.

“All our headhunters are experienced executive recruitment consultants who have specialized in these industries for many years and know how to source and recruit the key people that are needed to help their client companies grow and make money,” he said.

“In addition to the technology professionals we are seeing an increased need for executives across the entire business, from sales, marketing and business development executives to financial, operational and human resources professionals.”

Ms Nugraheni said the executive search agency’s regular Breakfast Event was another way the company’s recruitment consultants could remain briefed on the states of various industries in Indonesia.

Executives interested in attending future events were welcome to contact her, she said.