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Executive recruitment consultant thanks Monroe China after job promotion

  • Publish Date: Posted 超过 4 年之前

​Focusing on the task at hand, following and completing the overall company process, persistence, working efficiently, working smarter, not harder, and being honest with colleagues, job candidates and client companies are all keys to being a successful executive recruitment consultant in China.

That is the message from headhunter Rowena Choo, who was recently promoted to lead executive search agency Monroe Consulting Group China’s Professional Division, which covers consulting, strategy, advertising agencies and insurance.

It is good advice from a good source.

Rowena joined Monroe China as a junior recruitment consultant in late 2015, working her way up to senior consultant and then managing consultant in a little over four years.

“What I appreciate about Monroe is that it has a strong corporate culture of recognizing hard work and success and rewarding that with career advancement and financial incentives,” Rowena said during an interview in her Shanghai-based office.

“Monroe doesn’t promote based on seniority, but on ability, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnicity and this is true across all of the countries in Asia and Latin America where we have a presence.”

A graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Rowena said her international education, exposure to Western business practices, fluent English, great communication skills and aptitude for sales was the perfect background to do well working for a multinational executive search agency.

“I love my career and I would recommend the industry to anybody who wants to have fun, make money and do an important job that has such as positive impact on people’s lives, which is finding people jobs for really great companies in China.”

Rowena said she could not recommend Monroe China any higher.

“We have great leadership, we use the latest technology, the internal training and mentorship program has won international awards and we aim to create the perfect work-life balance for our consultants,” she said.

“Doing a good job is important, but what is the point if you don’t get to enjoy it from time to time.”

If you think executive recruitment is for you, please apply now.