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Monroe Consulting Group Supporting Sme’s In Indonesia
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Monroe Consulting Group supporting SME’s in Indonesia

  • Publish Date: Posted 差不多 4 年之前

​SME’s account for 90% of total businesses in Indonesia and together contribute a staggering 57% of the economy. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, agility will be essential to ensuring success in a new era of business practice, and thus, SME’s must be equipped with the capabilities that allow them to be as flexible as possible.

Monroe Consulting Group strive to support SME’s across Indonesia during this time. We are focusing our efforts on the industries in which we can provide award winning recruitment services, while also noting sectors that have been worst affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, that may benefit from our outplacement services.

Recently, Monroe teamed up with IYKRA, an AI Talent & Technology provider, to present Future Force Fest 2020. Future Force Fest 2020 is a series of talks and workshops, helping to enable the transformation of SME’s, the backbone of the Indonesia economy. With many businesses now planning and preparing for the “new normal” post Covid-19, data and technology have never been more important. Whether it’s individuals who are working or studying remotely, for Covid-19 emergency response, or for SME’s to monitor and predict when and how they can keep the business afloat, data and technology are no longer luxuries, but necessities.

Many prestigious speakers appeared, discussing these topics at length alongside hosts, public figures and experts within the industry. Each segment of the event was edited into a series of videos and made accessible to attendees in the form of a livestream. To watch, please see IYKRA’s YouTube channel here:

Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia’s managing director James Palin, was one of the speakers during this event and he said “The reason for the partnership is to help younger tech talent in the AI, Big data and Data science space get employment. They focus on the training and we help facilitate meetings and speed interviewing rounds with our clients as a lot of young tech talent struggle to find employment initially.”

James spoke at the event on the difficulties of getting a job in post Covid 19 Indonesia, what needs to be done and how Monroe Indonesia can help bridge that gap through collaboration.

The virtual conference provided attendees the opportunity to have an open discussion and learn from experts how businesses should or could navigate into the “new normal”.  On May 20th, Indonesia’s Health Minister signed a set of policies on the prevention and control of COVID-19 in offices and factories, outlining the requirements for businesses to be allowed to reopen. Following this, many SME’s may now begin the process of returning to work or laying out more permanent policies for remote working.

Changes may bring about the need for new staff, with which Monroe Consulting can assist. Our award-winning recruitment services are tailored to the specific requirements of our client companies, with employers being able to select either a database search or an executive search (headhunting) recruitment service, both of which are offered on a success-based or retained fee structure.

For others, the pandemic will have resulted in the need to reduce staff. It is a scenario that no one wants to face, and the way employers treat people going through redundancy is an important part of maintaining a good employer reputation in the market and can reinforce the confidence the remaining employees have in the company. Outplacement can be a particularly tough challenge for SME’s as many do not have in-house HR professionals or bandwidth to provide employees with the advice and support while processing redundancy. Monroe Consulting Group offer a comprehensive counselling service in which our consultants will help and guide your employees in a manner that will help them immeasurably to quickly secure a new position.

Monroe Consulting continue to strive to support SME’s across Indonesia, and our wider network spanning in Asia. For information on how we can help sourcing top talent, or our outplacement services, please contact us.