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Monroe Thailand And Pttep Services Limited Provided A Webinar Workshop On Recruitment Skills
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Monroe Thailand and PTTEP Services Limited provided a webinar workshop on recruitment skills

  • Publish Date: Posted 差不多 3 年之前

​On the 22nd and 23rd of July, Monroe Thailand collaborated with PTTEP Services Limited, a national petroleum exploration and production company based in Thailand, to conduct a 2-day webinar workshop for PTTEP’s HR team.

Saranpitpak Lekanantavasu, Head of Recruitment and Employment at PTTEP Services Limited contacted Pattira Kulpreeda, Division Head at Monroe Consulting Group Thailand, to see if Monroe Thailand could provide a webinar workshop on recruitment skills for her team.

Pattira commented “I am not senior in terms of age, but I do have seven years of headhunting experience. Saranpitpak wanted a speaker who can provide valuable recruitment tips and knowledge for her team, and I believe with my professional experience I am able to deliver this to her.” Pattira also mentioned that she needed to go through two selection processes to make sure that she was qualified to be a speaker for the webinar workshop.

The webinar focused on essential skills for recruiters and what has changed since the pandemic. The hiring market has been evolving rapidly since the pandemic and it’s important for companies like PTTEP to adapt and stay ahead of their competitors. Pattira said “I talked to Saranpitpak about the talent landscape in  Thailand during Covid-19, especially for the industrial sector. Saranpitpak saw that there was a learning potential for her team and the benefit of partnering with Monroe Thailand to provide the webinar session.”

The webinar was a great success, Pattira was able to give tips on workforce productivity, how to deal with different types of candidates and hiring managers as well as best practices to increase efficiency.

“I received a lot of positive feedback from her team, a few of them connected with me via LinkedIn. They mentioned that it was an easy session to follow with a lot of useful tips and they look forward to collaborating with Monroe Thailand in the future”

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