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Monroe Indonesia supports young talents to prepare for their careers ahead

  • Publish Date: Posted 差不多 2 年之前

On the 8th of July, Monroe Consulting Indonesia was invited as a guest speaker by the University of Indonesia for their online webinar event in collaboration with Ikatan Mahasiswa Mesin Fakultas Teknik (Mechanical Engineering Student Association). CATERING, the webinar event, was an online workshop that focused on preparing last year's students for post-campus life. The main topic discussed in the webinar was “How to optimize Your CV”, which covered how young talent can level up their CV to better standout in this competitive job market.

Sidiq Fanani, Senior Principal consultant at Monroe Consulting Indonesia, spoke at the webinar event. Sidiq has five years of experience at Monroe, where he has gained extensive knowledge in CVs and how to strategically navigate the competitive job market.

“I shared with the students on how to format a good CV, key points in making sure that their CVs will stand out as well as valuable insight on what recruiters and HR professionals look for in hiring fresh graduates. The last session I did with the students was a peer assessment of their CVs and an interactive discussion on how they can improve their CVs. The webinar was a success with more than 50 enthusiastic participants. I hope that through this webinar workshop, the students feel more confident in their job hunting. They have that enthusiasm to continue improving themselves in their CVs and also the knowledge on how to prepare for their careers after graduation.” commented Sidiq after the event.

At Monroe Consulting, #DoingSomethingThatMatters is one of the slogans that shape who we are. At our core we believe in doing work that brings value not only to our business but to the community we live in as well. As a recruitment agency we help clients find qualified talent for their business and also give opportunities to candidates by helping them land their dream job.

Monroe Consulting Group has partnered with NGOs, educational institutions, and various other organisations to host collaborative events and workshop that focuses on preparing young talent in entering the workforce. If you are looking to partner with us, contact our offices today.