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Interview Tips For Demonstrating Your Growth Mindset
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​Interview tips for demonstrating your growth mindset

  • Publish Date: Posted 1 年以上之前

The concept of growth mindset revolves around the belief that you can develop your skills and abilities with practice and effort. In other words, if you believe in a growth mindset, you believe that there is always something new for you to learn and improve on.

Having a growth mindset is essential in today's workplace. Employers are becoming increasingly aware that employees with fixed or narrow-minded outlooks can increase a company's risk of stagnation if they lack the capabilities to innovate.

It is like planting a garden. If you have a fixed mindset, you plant the same types of plants each year, with little expectation of different blooms. With a growth mindset, you mix things up, trying different seeds and types of plants, which can lead to surprising and unexpected outcomes. Now, let's dive into how you can demonstrate this to your potential employer.

  •  Be well prepared before the interview

A growth mindset should see a job interview as an opportunity to gain an understanding of the company that you might be working for. It's important to view this as a challenge and to figure out what you can do to make this business the best that it can be. Take the time to research the company, your interviewer, news from the industry, and/or new product launches. Approaching a job interview with a growth mindset is like coming to a foreign country with an open mind, ready to explore and learn about the culture, customs and people. Rather than simply trying to get through it, take the time to really immerse yourself in the experience and gain a better understanding of the environment. By doing this, you demonstrate to your interviewer that you are proactive and ready to take on challenges. The interviewer will also see that you are engaged and interested in making the company successful. 

  • Show your commitment to continuous learning and upskilling

If you have a growth mindset, you will always seek ways to improve yourself. Dig deep into your core skills and knowledge to determine the areas that need improvement. A great way to unlock this view is by trying self-improvement methods. Consider reading, listening to podcasts, studying for qualifications or attending industry events as methods for learning.

When answering interview questions, be sure to incorporate new skills or training courses into your answers. Find out if the company encourages growth mindsets and development among its employees. For example, if you are asked about how you handle difficult projects, you could mention that you recently completed a course in project management and have been applying the lessons you learned to ensure successful outcomes. Obviously, use a relevant example for your job.

  • Bring your strong problem-solving skills to the table 

Think about a time when you had to overcome a challenge outside of your comfort zone before the interview. Then, in the interview, discuss how you solved it. Just make sure you don't mention that you Googled the answer! After all, you don't want to admit that you got your problem-solving skills from the internet.

When you face any challenge head on, you will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are growth-minded and that a challenge will not prevent you from moving forward.

Be prepared to explain how you overcame the challenge, the steps you took, and why it was important to you. Showcase your resilience and initiative to tackle difficult tasks. Don't worry if you weren't able to solve the problem. An interviewer will be impressed by your proactive approach to problem-solving and your willingness to confront difficulties.

  •  Show your natural curiosity by asking well-prepared questions

When you ask well-prepared questions about employers and the business, you will show others that you see others as a source of learning and growth. Asking the right questions not only communicates your interest and inquisitiveness, but also demonstrates your commitment to personal growth and development. By approaching the interview with an open and eager mind, you will demonstrate your desire to learn and grow.


In case you are still unsure of how to demonstrate your growth mindset when applying for a new job, contact us today and we will advise you accordingly.