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Monroe’s Outplacement Service
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Monroe’s Outplacement Service

  • Publish Date: Posted 差不多 4 年之前

​​Avinash Kumar, Division Head at Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia, recently had the opportunity to interview with Enterprise Biz Bytes, a podcast for an independent radio station in Malaysia. The discussion centered around the topic of job loss in the current global climate, from both employee and employer perspectives and how the outplacement services that Monroe Consulting Group offer can help and assist both parties during this difficult time.

Avinash spoke on the outplacement programs, stating that “even though it is not completely the employer’s responsibility, investing in a good retrenchment program or package is advisable”. Although there is no official or legal obligation to outplace ex-employees, it can be beneficial to the company; “remember, your employees and ex-employees are your best public relations, these employees are people whom you cared about”. 

During the interview, Avinash explained that investing in your exiting employees, exhibits that you care about them and that you mean well. Those employees will always be a testimony to your organisation, so it is important to treat them as such. Educating the employers on the possibility of rehiring, is also something to be considered.

 In closing, Avinash stated that “the outplacement program that we offer at Monroe Consulting Group allows employees to continue with the right and necessary tools when it comes to job hunting. We also provide the candidate with valuable insights, such as what companies and what types of jobs they may want to consider moving forward.”

Our professional outplacement and career transition service is designed for those companies that find themselves in the position of having to reduce the size of their workforce through redundancies. It is a scenario that no one wants to face, and the way employers treat people going through redundancy, is an important part of maintaining a good employer brand in the market and can reinforce the confidence the remaining employees have in the company.

Monroe Consulting Group's Outplacement and Career Transition Services offers a comprehensive counselling service in which our consultants will help transition employees to the job market in a manner that will help them to secure a new position.

Our outplacement team offers a wide selection of services that can be combined to deliver the right outplacement experience for each company and their employees. These services include a comprehensive coaching clinic to provide people transitioning to the job market an effective way to market themselves to a competitive job market.

Our service offering is concise and in plain language but moreover it’s a practical, no-nonsense approach to helping your people market themselves in the very best way possible. We can deliver outplacement services in classroom settings or remotely if required. We are also able to deliver our outplacement service in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

To learn more about the Outplacement and Career Transition Services we offer at Monroe Consulting Group, click here