Outplacement and Career Transition Services

Outplacement and Career Transition Services

Outplacement and Career Transition Services

Our professional outplacement and career transition service is designed for those companies that find themselves in the position of having to reduce the size of their workforce through redundancies. It is a scenario that no one wants to face, and the way employers treat people going through redundancy, is an important part of maintaining a good employer brand in the market and can reinforce the confidence the remaining employees have in the company.

Monroe Consulting Group's outplacement service offers a comprehensive counselling service in which our consultants will help transition employees to the job market in a manner that will help them to secure a new position.

Our outplacement team offers a wide selection of services that can be combined to deliver the right outplacement experience for each company and their employees. These services includes a comprehensive coaching clinic to provide people transitioning to the job market an effective way to market themselves to a competitive job market and includes the following information:

  • Self-assessment – how to translate an individual’s experiences and key achievements into imperative selling points when reaching out to potential employers. 
  • What type of job does your employee want and importantly, what are they qualified for?
  • What type of company are they looking for and what can that potential employer offers them?
  • A potential employer takes an average of 7 seconds to read a CV. What can they do to create a great CV that really gets them noticed?
  • How to sell themselves in an interview.
  • What are companies REALLY looking for?
  • Aligning a company’s needs to a candidate’s abilities?
  • Where to find the ideal job to include relevant job boards, social media tools (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and how to keep yourself notified.
  • What agencies should they be registering with?
  • How networking can get you a great job.
  • How to keep up with current affairs to create opportunities for themselves.

Our service offering is concise and in plain language but moreover it’s a practical, no-nonsense approach to helping your people market themselves in the very best way possible. We can deliver outplacement services in classroom settings or remotely if required. We are also able to deliver our outplacement service in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Free Bridge Testing included

Monroe Consulting Group includes Bridge testing in its outplacement offering. These test are a great tool to help people understand their natural strengths and which type of roles they are best suited for. Samples of the test reports we offer are:
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