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Monroe Consulting Group Invited As Career Experts For An Interview Simulation Workshop
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Monroe Consulting Group invited as career experts for an interview simulation workshop

  • Publish Date: Posted 超过 3 年之前

​Executive recruitment company, Monroe Consulting Group Philippines, has been invited by UP Career Assistance Program for Engineering Students, Inc. (UP CAPES) to be part of their first Interview Simulation Workshop. Monroe will be giving their expert advice and tips to undergraduate students to improve their job interview skills during the workshop on Saturday 20th February.

UP CAPESis a service-oriented organization in the University of the Philippines - Diliman that guides students in pursuing their future careers. They have invited 5 consultants from Monroe Philippines: Juvylyn Delos Santos, Nadia D. Enca, Shane Catherine Lopez, Ma. Jye C Enriquez and April Nie A. Cesar. These consultants are each expert in 5 different industries: Consumer Goods, Health, Technology, Professional and Industrial.

Shane Catherine Lopez, an Executive Recruitment Consultant, commented that this opportunity is both an advantage to the interviewers and the undergraduate students. Shane explained that “for the interviewers, this will be a good opportunity to showcase and practice the skills that are continuously developed in our line of work. As for the students, this will be a good way to manage their expectations with interviews and learn how to best prepare, as they are mostly required in all types of employment”. Shane has prior experience working with two university organizations in UP Diliman.

Shane hopes that through this workshop she can give advice and the tools needed for these students to prepare themselves for today’s job market. She says “although it is hard, considering the pandemic we are in right now, still try to pursue a role that you know you would be happy to fulfil. Finding a job is difficult but staying in a job will be even harder if you are not passionate about your work. Do your best to be confident all the time; it is only when you believe in yourself and your capabilities that the interviewer will believe in you as well”.

Ma. Jye C Enriquez, an Executive Recruitment Consultant, also commented on the difficulty of finding a job during these uncertain times but encouraged candidates not to lose hope. Jye says “job hunting is honestly 3x harder than what it used to be before the pandemic but with that being said I want you to constantly remind yourself that there’s always something out there for you. Tailor fit your profiles to the job descriptions, go hard on applying, and most importantly, take a rest when it becomes too draining or exhausting. You will get there”.

Nadia D. Enca, an Executive Recruitment Consultant, gives us an overview of the key topics that will be shared during the workshop; first is the Introduction and Background Information, the second part will focus on Skills Assessments by asking the candidate various behavioural and situational questions, and lastly, there will be motivation assessment questions.

Nadia also commented that this opportunity is a chance to get to know the candidates and to introduce them to Monroe’s expert consultants who can assist them in their job search following their studies. “Because this simulation interview is with fresh graduates, with the intention to prepare them for their applications in the future, we feel honoured to be part of their career preparation.”

Nadia also shared some key advice for the students is being authentic during an interview. “An interviewer has usually interviewed a lot of candidates and so will have heard various answers to their questions, some scripted and some cliché. Authenticity is the key to be distinct among others. An interviewer is less concerned about how ‘perfect’ the answer is, and more interested in understanding the candidate’s personality, motivation, and core capabilities.”

Monroe Consulting Group Philippines has been involved in various expert events in the past. One particular webinar that took place last year focussed on recruitment in the new normal where Monica Viladot, Managing Director of Monroe Philippines, and other industry experts discussed the impact the pandemic has had on the Philippines industry in 2020. Read more here The New Normal: The Philippines Recruitment Market.

In November 2020, they were also invited as a Subject Matter Expert for the Philippine Army Transition Assistance Program (TAP). You can read more here. Improving your interview skills with Monroe Consulting and the Philippine Army

Other events that they have hosted include:

Information Technology, Executive Recruitment and the Future

Executive recruitment in the FMCG consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors in the Philippines

These regular events provide a platform for consultants to share their knowledge and expertise from a recruitment point of view as well as invite industry-expert guest speakers.

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