Credit Risk Strategy (BNPL)

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia is recruiting on behalf of a leading P2P lending and e-commerce platform across SEA, a multinational company from the FinTech Space.

As the company is continuously growing, our client is seeking a professional with an extensive experience in data and strategy analysis. This role is based in Jakarta (WFO), Indonesia.

Job Responsibility

  • Monitor and analyze business operations, analyze the effectiveness of strategies, and discover risk characteristics and strategies;
  • Improve the monitoring system and reports, real-time observation changes in indicators, periodically analyze and measure risks, and formulate risk strategies;
  • Third-party data evaluation and analysis, output evaluation report, and application plan to solve business problems;
  • Responsible for strategy deployment and online verification, output strategy crown pick and verification report;
  • User risk profile analysis, customer group change monitoring and model performance monitoring.

Job Requirement

  • Strong experiences working as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Min 2 years of risk strategy experience in Internet cash loans, consumer finance companies, auto finance companies, or bank credit card, and experience in risk control strategy formulation in Docking API is preferred.
  • Familiar with basic data analysis tools, ex : SAS, R language, Python, etc, and able to continuously optimize risk strategies through analysis.
  • Experience in formulating risk strategies for online small and micro loan products is preferred.
  • Strong learning ability, good teamwork spirit, good pressure resistance, and result-oriented.