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We are a specialist, award-winning recruitment agency delivering consistent results for clients.

With the war for talent showing no sign of slowing, organisations who can access the right candidates at the right time stand to be at a significant advantage in the market.

This is where Monroe Consulting comes in - we are experts finding experts. We take the uncertainty and risk out of the recruitment process so that you can stay focussed on delivering business results.

Monroe Consulting has been a key partner for hundreds of growing organisations in Asia, and thousands of candidates who have found their dreams job through connecting with our specialist recruitment consultants.

Don’t leave your recruitment to chance. Add the right advice, expertise, and processes to ensure you have access to the best talent to take your organisation forward.

Whether you need to find top talent or a consulting solution for managing your business and resourcing challenges, Monroe Consulting is here to assist you. Or if you are a professional in search of exciting job opportunities, you can apply here.

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Why Partner with Monroe Consulting

Our uncompromising commitment to service and excellence has positioned us as a top, award-winning recruitment agency.

First established in 2002, Monroe Consulting Group we have over 20 years of experience working in Asia. With offices in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and China, our recruitment networks span key industries and talent pools in the region.

As part of the Empresaria Group, Monroe Consulting is part of 20 global staffing and recruitment brands. Through our membership in this group, we provide clients global resourcing and recruitment technologies.

Our range of industry specialisations and world-class recruitment techniques means we are prepared to deliver on almost any project. We are on top of the all the latest recruitment trends and have been recognised for our best-in-class consultant training programs by Global Recruiter Magazine. Our teams are ready to deliver.

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Recruitment Testimonials

  • ​The team provides excellent service quality. They collaborate with us on a regular basis to ensure that we are aligned with our requirements. Monroe Consulting Group is very consistent with their support and advice. Our requirements are a little unique and what we usually call 'Hybrid' openings, but Monroe is always up to the challenge and continuous to deliver quality candidates.

    Andreau Garcia

  • ​We are happy with Monroe’s recruitment service. We are also happy with the quality of resumes and candidates we receive. Monroe’s coordination in terms of delivering resumes and scheduling of interviews is very good. We are very happy with their recruitment process, from receiving the job, and up to successful placement.

    Phassanai Doyle

  • ​Very professional and efficient recruitment agency. They know what they're doing. And they're doing it great. One of the things that really standout is the way they communicate. They're in contact with candidates regularly to make sure every party is on the same page and everything is going well. This includes constant communication across the whole recruitment journey from pre-screening, interview, new-job day one, and even end of the first month after joined.

    N. Laplonluelay

  • I found my current position with Monroe’s help; the effort put in for the pre-alignment to ensure that both parties found the right match is the very reason I keep choosing Monroe to be my trusted partner when I need to search for my direct report. In our company, we value the culture fit as much as the skill set requirement, and I believe only through a quality screening and a deep understanding of the company can anyone achieve this difficult task. Monroe China did it, and I’m counting on them to keep delivering the excellent job.​

    Paul Wu

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Our Recruitment Services

Every recruitment process is different. Every role has a unique mix of skills, experience, organisational culture, and many factors will determine the success of a candidate in a role. Our recruitment consultants are experts at defining role requirements and understanding what type of person would fit best in the organisation, and then using the right mix of recruitment tools to find the best candidates.

Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment begins with strategy. We start by consulting with you to build an understanding of your business goals, operations, organisational culture, employee benefits and more. We then develop a recruitment strategy which includes:

  • Assessing the job description and organisational context to build a profile of the ideal candidate.

  • Planning where the ideal candidates may be sourced from, and how we can tap into those talent pools.

  • If multiple roles are required, how we build a sustained interest in the roles over the length of the project.

  • The best way to communicate the opportunity to potential candidates is to position your organisation as an employer of choice.

  • The practical steps required in the recruitment process, to include database searching, candidate referrals or headhunting if appropriate.

Recruitment Process

Depending on the requirements of the role, we can provide a full end-to-end solution, or we can provide expertise at specific steps of the process.

  • Attraction: Sourcing candidates using a variety of methods, creating interest in the job.

  • CV assessment & screening: Identifying candidates who best fit recruitment requirements, and initial phone/email contact to learn more about candidates, their motivations, and their fit for the job.

  • Interview: One or several in-depth interviews to build a profile of what unique set of skills and experiences the candidates offers and their potential success in the organisation.

  • Shortlist presented to client: Preparing candidates for interviews, liaising appointment times, and keeping all parties informed about the process.

  • Reference checks: Thorough vetting of candidates through past employment references.

  • Offer: We negotiate on behalf of our clients to protect their reputation and find the best agreeable offer for both parties.

  • Beginning of employment: We continue to liaise documentation, logistics, and questions from both parties. We keep in contact with both parties on the first and intermittently in the following months.


Why Use an External Recruiter

External recruiters provide fast and accessible expertise to recruitment projects. Tapping into these specialisations and recruitment technology can make all the difference for delivering the right candidates, on time.

Specialisation means better access to candidate networks and talent pools

Our industry specialist teams spend years developing relationships and networks both locally and across the world. We often know the right people to contact for referrals, and to make the job opportunity known in the right talent communities.

Free up internal resources and create more time

Our recruiters have only one task to focus on – to network with the best candidates within their area of specialisation. They don’t have to deal with internal HR issues that creates a strain on recruitment time and resources. External recruiters act as an extension of your organisation, providing specialist resource and commitment to your recruitment project.

Access a wider range of recruitment tools and technologies

Recruitment agencies have already engaged with talent management tools and technologies so that you don’t have to. We have best-in-class technology and candidate tracking systems that enable us to identify the best candidates and build relationships with them over a long term.

Independent and objective recruitment process

There are often many voices and stakeholders that influence the entire recruitment process, from job description to candidate selection. Engaging an external recruiter can remove bias out of the recruitment process and identify qualified candidates that may not have been considered in an internal process.

Confidentiality and negotiation expertise

For commercially sensitive job openings, an external recruiter provides confidentiality and discretion to protect your organisation. We provide the negotiation expertise to secure and maintain interest from qualified candidates, and to find the best terms for both client and candidates

Monroe Consulting Group has built these capabilities over 20 years. You can be assured that our multi award-winning services will deliver the results you need.