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Talent Frontier 2024
Start Date: Thursday, 2 May 2024
Location: Oakwood Suites Kuningan Jakarta

Join us at Talent Frontier 2024 for an insightful exploration into the latest industry and hiring trends. Monroe Consulting Indonesia is proud to present insights from over 6000 professionals, offering a comprehensive market overview and insightful salary benchmarks across various industries and functions. This exclusive event offers an opportunity for professionals to network, share ideas, and understand key market dynamics that will influence strategic decisions in the coming years.Registra...

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Investment in the great reshuffle
Start Date: Wednesday, 13 October 2021

​We are living through a moment of change, unlike anything we've seen before. The pandemic has brought with it a disruption of change that impacts not only our economy but how we work, behave and think - we call this the 'Great Reshuffle,' a time when everyone is rethinking everything. Business leaders are rethinking their entire working models, cultures and company values. It's also a time when foreign investors are starting to look for new opportunities outside the norm. This webinar will c...

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Masterclass: Survive and Reset
Start Date: Wednesday, 26 May 2021

​Consumer behaviour has reshaped rapidly recently and for the consumer goods industry, many businesses had to quickly reset and adapt their strategy for this disruptive market. As the market starts to prepare for its recovery, what are the next steps businesses need to take to survive and gain a competitive advantage with the evolution of consumer behaviour? Topics that will be included during the webinar discussion are:1) Philippines’ Consumer Goods market outlook 2) New strategies and marke...

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#ChooseToChallenge Event (Women in Tech)
Start Date: Thursday, 1 April 2021

​Women in South-East Asia account for 32% of the region’s tech sector workforce, compared to 28% on average around the globe. Yet, within the tech industry, women’s participation in school and in the workforce is still systematically lower than in other industries. (Source: TechWireAsia) Monroe Consulting Group hosted a '#ChooseToChallenge – Women In Tech’ event. This virtual panel discussion will consist of leading female experts in the tech industry discussing the progress that the tech ind...

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Tech investment in 2021: IoT solutions and the race for talent
Start Date: Thursday, 25 February 2021

​As COVID-19 has forced us to adapt to remote work and operate off cloud-based platforms, the importance of IoT has continued to increase. Businesses around the world are exploring solutions and creating IoT strategies to stay sustainable and competitive. However, many share the concern that they do not have the processes and talent in-house to further scale their operations. This webinar will cover the following key topics: Planning for Scale: Defining the Issues and upgrading capabiliti...

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Omnibus Law: Predicting the Future of Investment and Hiring in Indonesia
Start Date: Thursday, 3 December 2020

When facing the uncertainty and challenges in Indonesia's current economy, how does the Omnibus Law affect Indonesia's hiring and investment markets? Monroe Consulting Group and TMF group join forces in the hopes of providing some key insight into this issue through their collaborated webinar event and answer some of the pertaining questions to the omnibus law from an investment and hiring perspective.​

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The New Normal: The Philippines Recruitment Market
Start Date: Friday, 19 June 2020

​Monroe Consulting Group hosted another in our series of webinars, Recruitment: New Normal, on Thursday 18th of June. ​Since the pandemic started, most businesses across the world have been affected by the crisis. A few chose to retract and hunker down until the good times return, but many businesses have also taken a more proactive approach. Revising products and strategies to meet changing needs and adapting to a new normal that will extend well beyond the pandemic curve. In this webinar Mo...