Monroe Consulting Group is a full-service talent provider agency that offers a range of recruitment services to meet the specific needs of employers in Asia. Our strength is providing workforce solutions within talent short emerging recruitment markets, and we use industry-leading technology to enable our search, screen, and selection processes to match the best talent with the right roles.

By defining our divisions by industry, Monroe facilitates the growth of essential business contacts and professional networks that open up the necessary channels to identify the highest performing professionals in the market, which has made us the preferred recruitment partner by many of the leading companies in the world.

Our recruitment services include:

Executive Search

Executive Search is a specialised recruitment service that recruits for highly qualified candidates at executive and senior levels across a variety of sectors. An executive search provider also seeks out highly skilled roles, typically for those that are very competitive in the job market. Acting as an extension to the company’s HR/Recruiting function, providing a holistic hiring solution. As a leading executive search company, we are able to provide you with talent that delivers business results. We work with you to transform your organisation’s approach to searching for talent.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the complete or partial outsourcing of permanent recruitment activities to a staffing company. RPO is more than filling open jobs; it’s about partnering with companies to help improve their internal recruiting process. Our RPO service is the ideal solution for companies with a temporary increased hiring demand. Monroe creates a custom, flexible solution that suits the recruitment needs of your company while also giving strategic advice to provide an in-depth industry knowledge base.


Monroe's professional outplacement and career transition service is designed for those companies that find themselves in the position of having to reduce the size of their workforce through redundancies. Monroe Consulting Group's outplacement services offer comprehensive counselling in which our consultants will help transition employees to the job market in a manner that will help them to secure a new position. Our outplacement team offers a wide selection of services that can be combined to deliver the right outplacement experience for each company and their employees.

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is the analysis of capabilities, experiences and potential of current employees to identify any talent gaps and developmental needs that are required in order for your company to progress and succeed with your growth strategy. Monroe's Talent Mapping service is a custom-made recruitment solution for companies who want to gather market information or to manage their risk for critical positions in the company.


Managing payroll requires a specific time investment and knowledge of local regulations and labour law, which can be quite troublesome if you don’t have the resources at hand to deal with this in-house. Monroe Consulting Group's Payroll Service is designed to help companies ensure that their employees and taxes are always paid in a timely manner. The payroll service we provide prioritises legal obligations, allowing businesses to focus on their core business responsibilities.


Monroe Consulting Group provides a variety of services designed to meet the specific needs of whom we work with. The contracting services we provide supply your company with highly trained talent that will meet all of your specific needs from past experience and work flexibility to personal characteristics and culture fit. By using our contracting service, your business will acquire qualified talent for your current assignments and will be able to quickly scale up or down as necessary.

Why choose Monroe?

We work with clients to make sure that we can tailor our services to best fit with their business needs. We make sure to provide the highest quality of service that meets the expectation of our client’s budget and provide the best candidate experience for those who are looking to secure their new roles.

If you are interested in working with us, contact our offices today!