Monroe Consulting Group provides a variety of services designed to meet the specific needs of whom we work with. The contracting services we provide supply your company with highly trained talent that will meet all of your specific needs from past experience and work flexibility to personal characteristics and culture fit.

Key benefits of Contracting
  • Cost-effective

  • Shorter hiring process

  • Quick to adapt

  • Highly skilled, niche experience

  • Flexibility

Monroe Consulting Group’s Contracting service

Our contracting service team partners with you to identify your business challenges, hiring requirements and talent gaps, creating a tailored solution for you. The expert consultants on our contracting team ensure that you manage liabilities and improve cost controls. By using our contracting service, your business will acquire qualified talent for your current assignments and will be able to quickly scale up or down as necessary.

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At Monroe Consulting Group, we prioritise your workforce needs. Our contracting recruiters understand the ever-changing nature of talent acquisition, therefore are always looking at the next move for you.