Outplacement Services

Our professional outplacement and career transition service is designed for those companies that find themselves in the position of having to reduce the size of their workforce through redundancies. Reducing your workforce is a scenario that no one wants to face, and the way employers treat people going through it, is an important part of maintaining a good employer brand in the market and can reinforce the confidence the remaining employees have in the company. Overall, it is about helping people that have helped your company.

Benefits of Outplacement

  • Increased loyalty and satisfaction with current employees

  • Reduced stress across the board

  • Displays empathy and sincerity toward laid-off staff

  • Offers practical guidance

  • Provides emotional support

  • Offers liability protection

  • Reduced unemployment

  • Increased productivity from current employees

  • Improved brand satisfaction

Monroe's Outplacement and Career Transition Services:

Monroe Consulting Group's outplacement services offer comprehensive counselling in which our consultants will help transition employees to the job market in a manner that will help them to secure a new position. Our outplacement team offers a wide selection of services that can be combined to deliver the right outplacement experience for each company and their employees.

Monroe Consulting Group offers the ideal solution providing expert services and in-depth industry knowledge to those looking for a new job. We can deliver outplacement services in classroom settings or remotely if required.

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Our expert outplacement consultants provide practical assistance to those freshly entering into the job market in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. If your company is looking to improve offboarding of employees, using an outplacement service is a great place to start.

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