IT Application Architect (SM - AVP)

IT Application Architect (SM - AVP)

  • View the company's architectural map and prepare an architectural appraisal system on a regular basis. Its scope is related to application.
  • Monitor the roadmap which contains the stages of developing IT systems, IT standards related to applications, as well as monitoring capabilities for production, taking into account the capacity and scalability planning in accordance with the architecture that has been developed.
  • Evaluating risks related to the IT architecture and roadmap that have been prepared and their mitigation (if necessary).
  • Communicating the IT architecture and roadmap to all stakeholders and ensuring that all IT standards set are adhered to and implemented.


  • Bachelor degree or above in Information Technology or relevant
  • Have working in relevant area around +/- 10 years
  • Have experience in process improvement/improvement, and/or system development, especially in the banking and/or financial services industry
  • Leading change both physically and mindset in terms of process improvement.
  • Experience in IT related to standard and architecture required by application (4 - 6 years experience)
  • Experience as a technical analyst/solution designer with insightful knowledge related to business requirements (1.5 - 2 years experience)
  • Strong technical background with deep knowledge in architectural principles and design including API design, UI UX, micro services, cloud
  • Good communication and problem solving skills.