PLC System Integration Supervisor / Manager

PLC System Integration Supervisor (Engineering)

Monroe Consulting Group Philippines, a prominent executive recruitment firm, is representing a global system integration company aiming to grow its presence in the Philippines. They are currently in search of a PLC System Integration Supervisor with a minimum of five years of relevant experience. Preferably, candidates should possess a strong background in PLC and 2D AutoCAD. The ideal candidate will demonstrate proficiency in designing systems using PLC and 2D AutoCAD. This position offers a hybrid work schedule, with hours from 5 AM to 2 PM.

Job Summary:

A System Integration Supervisor is typically responsible for overseeing the integration of various software, hardware, and network systems within an organization. Supervising and managing integration projects from inception to completion, ensuring that systems are seamlessly integrated according to specifications and requirements. Leading a team of integration specialists, engineers, and technicians, assigning tasks, providing guidance, and ensuring timely delivery of projects.

Key job responsibilities include:

Manager Level Responsibility
* Supervise a team based in the Philippines.
* Perform yearly performance evaluations for team members.
* Offer technical assistance to team members.
* Coordinate both remote and face-to-face one-on-one Engineering Level training sessions. Develop and update comprehensive project and labor plans.
* Ensure the productivity of team members is maintained.
* Facilitate team meetings.
* Blend of managerial and engineering responsibilities.
* Initially, the focus will be more on engineering tasks, but as the team expands, the role will shift towards more managerial duties.

Engineer Responsibility

* Oversee the complete design implementation of control systems, including wiring diagrams, schematic diagrams, and related aspects.
* Familiarize oneself with existing engineering procedures, and review and assess engineering regulations and documents as needed.
* Create 2D components using ACAD or similar software.
* Research appropriate components for construction using 2D programs.
* Assist Project Managers in executing projects across various global sites.
* Provide technical support to engineers in other global locations regarding the 2D components created and control system designs.
* Develop Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).
* Pursue continuous improvement and foster teamwork in both product development and processes.

Key Job requirements:

* A Bachelor's degree in mechanical, electrical, or a related engineering discipline is necessary. Minimum of 5 years of experience working with PLCs.
* Prior experience with ACAD is preferred.
* This is a full-time position with benefits included.
* Proficiency in English is required as remote teams exclusively communicate in English.
* Occasional travel to the United States may be required for training purposes.
* Ability to start early to facilitate some overlap with the team in the United States.

Previous Experience

* Program PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) using ladder logic
* Complete detailed programming of PLCs, including ladder logic, schematics, and programming software
* Develop PLC ladder logic, using schematic symbols, for manufacturing automation systems
* Troubleshoot PLC programs to resolve problems and ensure the functionality of systems
* Create and review PLC documentation, such as schematics, programming procedures and testing procedures
* Some ACAD experience is preferred.
* Create PLC and logic diagrams for schematics
* Perform electrical and PLC troubleshooting
* Modify PLC programs to interface with existing or new systems


* Excellent time management and organizational skills
* Proven troubleshooting skills
* Computer hardware and software skills
* Ability to work independently and unsupervised
* Exceptional interactive and communication skills

All applications will be treated in the strictest of confidence. If you are a suitable match for this position, please send your application