Senior Software Engineer

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Philippines is recruiting on behalf of a leading independent provider of a personal assistance on-demand online platform. Our respected client is seeking an Information Technology (IT) professional for the job of Senior Software Engineer, capable of working semi-flexible hours. The job is remote.

Job Summary

The Senior Software Engineer will be a full-stack, generalist role for which they will be given a high degree of autonomy and will be expected to deploy impactful code to production. He/She is expected to interact mostly with the Engineering & Product Teams, Project Manager and Designer, and develop solutions for a wide range of software development areas that directly impact its performance. They will also be responsible for defining the software infrastructure (database design, programming languages, etc.) that will comprise the foundations of the software development. He/She is expected to work on with JavaScript, with React on the frontend and Node on AWS on the backend, with PostgreSQL and MongoDB for databases.

Key job responsibilities include:

  • Contribute to mentoring, code reviews, pair programming, and tech exploration, while striving to improve agile software development process.
  • Implementation, design, and development of software.
  • Design and development of inter-departmental tools.
  • Coordinate the design and development of ad hoc tools as specified by the requesting department.
  • Provide software support.
  • Ensure the requirements and proactively propose software solutions.
  • Ensure the quality of the development planning to adhere to the tight deadlines of the business.
  • The basic expectations include:
    • Being self-managed, working async at any time the team wish
    • Only require few meetings for scrum coordination or pairing
    • Encourage work time contributed to open source or civic engagement projects
    • Building a strong learning culture around mentorship, pairing, blogging, exploratory projects, in-house talks, and outside conferences
    • Actively explore and adopt new tech (for example, moving from frameworks to HTML-standard web components)
  • The timeline includes:
    • Within 1 month -
      • Complete onboarding and get familiar with our tools and process.
      • Get to know the team.
      • Work with colleagues to release small features and bug fixes.
    • Within 3 months -
      • Become familiar with our tech stack, codebase, and development process.
      • Help with sprint planning.
      • Plan and implement a full feature.
    • Within 6 months -
      • Understand our end-user needs and roadmap.
      • Gain a deeper understanding of the codebase.
      • Take ownership of technical projects.
    • Within a year -
      • Choose an individual contributor or leadership career path.
      • Architect larger systems.
      • Help to bring on new team members and level up existing team members.

Key job requirements include:

  • Experience as a software developer (not including engineering interning)
  • Has experience with all the following technologies:
    • Required to be a full-stack developer
    • Node.js, and React
  • Aspirational "DevOps" Tools to have (at least one):
    • GraphQL, Docker, MongoDB, AWS, Nginx, CI/CD, Jenkins
  • Optional requirements:
    • Bachelor of Science / Computer Science discipline
    • Project managed were multiple projects, creating timelines and cost projections, and specifications