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    Nobu Okabe: Monroe Consulting Group Thailand has provided us with professional consultants to establish our operations here in Thailand. Although we were not a well-known consulting firm in Thailand, Monroe decided to work with us to source consultants from the major consulting firms already established in Thailand. Monroe made a significant amount of effort to meet our difficult requirements for candidates. I am quite sure the team worked hard to meet our requirements. Monroe was the only recruitment agency that understood the market and provided us with an overall picture of information. That was one of the important reasons why we trusted Monroe Consulting Group to provide human resources. In the last Fiscal Year, one of the consultants sourced from Monroe Consulting Group won the Top Performer of the Year from QUNIE Headquarters. This is a global achievement award across global operations, so the consultant is performing at the same level as the top global performers. We are very happy about this. I appreciate all of the efforts Monroe have taken on our behalf. I highly recommend that other companies looking for the best staff use Monroe. The company has great systems and great people who can get the right resources for any business.

    Kristopher Klaich: Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia provided us outstanding service in identifying and processing potential candidates for a project with some very particular technical requirements. They were able to locate talent for both traditional office tasks like finance, IT and office management as well as distinct subject matter experts that our project required. And their network reaches much further than just Jakarta—they sourced talent for us from many other islands. Furthermore, they were very responsive to our evolving needs. They promptly answered emails and accommodated our requests and needs in a professional manner. Their use of social media was not only effective in identifying qualified professionals but also targeted the type of talent that we hoped to have on our team that are fluent in the use of the latest technologies and tools to integrate into our fast paced, multi-faceted project.  Their online presence enhanced our ability to learn about their capabilities and access their services.

    Bobby Dhanandjaja: Thank you for the opportunity to write a testimonial on behalf of Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia. MAPAL is a successful multinational machining solutions company employing 5,000 people worldwide, with the majority in Europe. As we expanded our operations in Indonesia we were well aware that we needed the best partner for our recruitment needs and Monroe delivered those services. They helped us to find candidates in areas that have traditionally been challenging to recruit in. Monroe is not only 100 percent professional, but had the persistence required for us to overcome the challenges we were facing. We are more than happy with Monroe’s well-executed job. Well done Monroe!!

    Emenda Brahmana: We have worked with Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia for a number of years sourcing candidates with specific skills and have an excellent working relationship. What I value the most is that Monroe always listen closely to what we’re looking for and bring us a strong group of candidates. As the process progresses, we fine-tuned exactly what we were looking for. Monroe makes further adjustments and supplied us with a candidate who has proven to be an excellent fit. I found the Company to be very persistent, optimist, professional and a pleasure to work with. It is not easy to find candidates who are willing to work in a beverage company, which produces alcohol products, but Monroe and the recruitment consultants never lose their enthusiasm. For me, Monroe is the best recruitment companies I have worked with. The consultants are really brilliant, keep to their promises and keep you in the loop. We have no hesitation in recommending Monroe Consulting Indonesia for its excellent, cost-effective service.

    Goh Kwong Thong: I write on behalf of my company to convey our greatest appreciation for the excellent effort in successfully placing and hiring our recent commercial needs in the Philippines. Michelle is developing very well and we are very pleased to have her on board. We have been looking at various options to hire a local resource in the Philippines over the years and have encountered various challenges due to the fact we have yet to set up an office in the Philippines. Monroe’s proposition to engage and manage the resources on our behalf, and having the person be instructed and directed in all duties by us at all times is immensely valuable. We can now respond much faster in the Philippines and we are confident that our customers would appreciate this as well, which in turn would ensure our future growth in a very important market us. We would also like to thank your team for the speedy response to our request for financial and travel arrangement for our resource whenever required. I want you to know that this flexibility has allowed us to respond much faster to the ever changing situational needs. Your organization’s willingness to go beyond our standard agreed standard services is truly exceptional.

    Kevin Liu: Our company are a first-tier technology-based company. We began a major financial Internet company project earlier this year involving the urgent recruitment of about 60 personnel, the majority being for information technology positions.  We have worked with recruitment companies in the past, with varying degrees of success. Given the importance of this project we decided to use six recruitment companies, including Monroe Consulting Group. Even though Monroe is new to us and we have not used their services previously, we were immediately impressed by the willingness of the recruitment consultants to listen to our very specific requirements, as well as take the time to understand our company culture. I would also like to say that the consultants had a very good understanding of the IT sector and the salary expectations of IT professionals.  We were not disappointed with the results. Of the 60 vacancies, Monroe placed 24 people with us, from a senior DBA to a number of senior Java developers, Java Architects, Android and IOS Developers and etc. within a very tight deadline. Throughout this process, we were kept up-to-date on developments and we filled the positions within budget. There are many small IT recruitment companies in Shanghai but many do not have the focus or understanding to be able to provide high-quality candidates that match our specifications. Monroe was able to achieve this and we will continue to use them in the future. Thank you Monroe. It is my pleasure to write this reference

    Olga Ann Barrera: We engaged Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia on December 15, 2014, for two key positions for our Indonesia affiliate. Three days later we had already received initial profiles and we were able to shortlist in two weeks. By January 19, or just over a month later, we were able to sign up with the successful candidates.  Monroe Consulting was very professional, thorough, transparent and knew exactly which candidates will have a good fit to our organization and requirements.  I am tremendously impressed with Monroe’s professionalism and responsiveness.  We have continued to engage Monroe for our subsequent requirements. We are looking forward to a long and meaningful partnership with Monroe Consulting Group.

    Colin Kwon: I have been working with Monroe since early this year to source new staff, including an Account Director. I am impressed with Monroe’s dedication, sincerity and expertise. They are doing their best to understand our business area, which is advertising. Their team have also provided me with useful information and advice. I firmly believe that I will keep working with Monroe to accomplish my business goals here in Indonesia. Also, I would like to strongly recommend Monroe to anyone who is planning start a business on this soil.

    Noel Chan: Monroe Consulting Group has helped our company tremendously in screening worthwhile candidates for the positions that we needed filled. The candidates themselves were exactly the types of people we required, with the necessary competencies and at the level of remuneration we asked. Because Monroe Consulting took the time to interview and screen potential candidates, our own screening process was streamlined and we were able to tender our offer to them within a relatively short period. Special mention goes to their consultant for her professionalism and service in liaising with the candidates and relaying our offer in a manner that encouraged the candidates to accept. We plan on relying on Monroe Consulting to help us fill future requirements.

    Somjai Thongkouw: First of all, I'd like to say ‘thank you very much’ for all your help, its great service for us. The recruitment process delivered by Monroe has been great! They make sure that the job is clear and ensure they understand the roles. The quality of the candidates is good, with 90 percent being accurate matches. I like that the candidates are good quality for our job vacancies. Monroe’s on time for feedback: I can call them anytime I need urgent answers from their team. My experience working with Monroe shows me that you are a good company to work with, and maintain commitment to our company – I'm happy working with Monroe Consulting.

    Phassanai Doyle: We are happy with Monroe’s recruitment service. We are also happy with the quality of resumes and candidates we receive. Monroe’s coordination in terms of delivering resumes and scheduling of interviews is very good. We are very happy with their recruitment process, from receiving the job, and up to successful placement. We would definitely recommend Monroe Consulting Group.

    Say-Kham Ly: Our overall experience with Monroe’s recruitment service is good. We are happy with the quality of resumes and candidates from Monroe, especially because we just filled two positions, and for one which is still running. Monroe’s coordination in terms of delivering resumes and scheduling of interviews is very proactive. We are very satisfied with their recruitment process, from their job assessment after receiving the job, salary negotiation, up to successful placement. We already recommended Monroe Consulting to other companies/subsidiaries and some friends in the HR Community.

  • Client Testimonials 2

    Nassin Núñez Maldonado: I started working with Monroe one year ago after having interacted with more than five recruitment agencies from different levels and after a fairly extensive process where my search was based on a reliable company, with a very professional profile and a great understanding of our business and industry in Chile. Currently, and after having chosen Monroe, I have 100% level of assertiveness in recruiting services, and I have also received a big support at a corporate level as well. Their ability and timing to respond goes first. Additionally, all candidates who have passed through Monroe processes have always give me a very good feedback from them as well. Finally, a big differentiator of Monroe has been the tools they have to contact the candidates and the fluidity of the selection processes. In my experience with many agencies, the most important thing is to know the industry, understand your business and your corporate culture in order to give the exact candidate I'm looking and I think Monroe in Chile has served me well in these points.

    Carolina Limon de la Liave: I would like to extend the following letter to Monroe Consulting Group, who have given us an extraordinary service for more than a year. They have been at all times a strategic partner, from the understanding of our business and needs to the assertive recruitment of our professionals. For our company the most valuable asset is our people, so we recognize the importance to have the best recruitment and selection process to track the greatest talent in the industry, as we believe this is the first step for achieving our goals and consolidate as the best real estate company, by having the best professionals in the Industry. Monroe with its innovative, complete and effective recruitment process have helped us to identify those talented candidates that really have a match with our organizational culture and with the expertise required for our open positions. Something that I really like about them is their personalized service and knowledge of the Mexican market. I really value vendors that work together with my HR team and Monroe is that kind of vendor. I can trust their recruitment process and have confidence that they will present in time the best candidates in the market. I will continue using their services in Mexico and hoping soon, they can open offices in other Latin American countries that we also have a presence through Latin America.

    Marc Gregorio:  We have partnered with Monroe since 2014 and have nothing but high praise for the level of service that we continue to receive. The recruitment partners assigned to us are seasoned professionals who UNDERSTAND our needs and processes and for a company like Maxim, that goes a long way. I have worked with other search firms in Thailand and none of them compare to the thoroughness of search that Monroe has done for us. I have always been confident that they can find the unique skillsets that our company looks for. This confidence has even translated to my comfort in asking them to fill a critical requirement for my site outside of Thailand, which I believe only Monroe can achieve for me.

    Joseph Yeow: It has been a great working with Monroe Consulting Group. They supply good quality candidates that make my selection process easy. They are easily contactable and reply to emails and calls. I will continue to use their services and highly recommend them to any company.

    Sharon Wright: It is with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for Monroe Consulting. When our Australian company started in Manila, we needed a lot of guidance and information and that is exactly what Monroe have given us. They have provided assistance and knowledge and make sure our staff are paid efficiently every month. Monroe’s staff are very approachable and our staff feel very comfortable to ask them questions and discuss contracts with them. Monroe Consulting have been a great partner in helping us set up our Manila entity and on board our team. We look forward to working with them for a very long future.

    Andreau Garcia: The team provides excellent service quality. They collaborate with us on a regular basis to ensure that we are aligned with our requirements.  I recently joined my current company and there are no incidents that compromised our trust and confident with Monroe and we are expecting that the relationship stay that way. Monroe is very consistent with their support and advice. Jelly is very accommodating. Our requirements are a little unique and what we usually call, Hybrid openings but Monroe is always up to the challenge and continuous to deliver quality candidates.

    Phuriwat Rak-Intr: Monroe Consulting is very active in finding the candidates for our company and provide a good summary of the candidate’s experience, highlighting the pros and cons to us.  They are positive and always listen to my feedback to fine tune the requirements to continue looking for the best candidate.  Their consultants are patient and continue to deliver a good service with efficient follow-up and quick responses to making appointments with candidates. Overall, Monroe is a professional recruitment partner, which I am very happy to work with. Thank you very much for your support.

    Hidayat Mufti: Personally I have been working with Monroe Consulting for a pretty short period of time, less than 4 years in different places. All this time Monroe Consulting has shown unique qualities compared to other agencies in this industry. Starting from the very beginning of the process, it has been very flexible, rational, easy and user-friendly. Not only from Monroe Group’s perspective, but also from the client perspective of their service. Candidate delivery is pretty fast and also well aimed with quality: the candidates delivered always met our qualifications and requirement. The person in charge (contact person) for us since the beginning has always been the same person, that way the consultant really understands our business and what we require, so we don’t have to waste time explaining about the company’s culture in recruitment process, also other sensitive information. Monroe Consulting Group always provide clarification in the process through many different media (email, phone call, SMS), they’re flexible to be contacted not only in normal business hours – that way the service is more personal. The Consultant (the contact person) in Monroe Consulting Group has a good knowledge and experience about working ethics, about the right and good recruitment process, about the common salary range in the market, so we think that Monroe is part of our effective Recruitment Team. Therefore, the testimonial I can provide to Monroe is that we believe with the good experience we have had so far, we hope Monroe can continue to grow and develop; that next time we look for a Recruitment Partner, there’ll be only one word that comes up in our mind, “Monroe.”

    Genevieve Nebab: Monroe is our partner for our recruitment requirements in Indonesia. It has been a very positive experience dealing with their consultants. They have been very active in finding suitable candidates for us and are always online whenever I need them. They make sure to provide interview notes with every resume and are knowledgeable of our requirements. What I like is they are very different from the other Executive Search companies by giving me a weekly report to help me track the progress of my recruitment process.

    Frozti Ann Agrasada: Monroe is a strategic Partner in Recruitment. Their consultants have a way of making the search for hard-to-find- talent, light and easy. What is best with Monroe? You can bug their consultants literally at any time, they will take on the most difficult vacancies and you only pay for guaranteed results!

    Karline L. Chuongco: Monroe has been a great help in filling up our urgent positions.  We are pleased with the level of initiative and quality of service of the Monroe Consultant assigned to us.

    Monica Pribadi: Our Company has been partnering with Monroe Consulting Group for our recruitment needs for the past few years. For every job opening that we have, Monroe continues to respond not only in a timely manner but also with the most qualified candidates. Their team is very proactive and truly understands the term ‘Customer Satisfaction.’ We would highly recommend Monroe to any other firms in need of recruitment services.

  • Client Testimonials 3

    Jason Strashek: We selected Monroe Consulting to assist in hiring technical leadership in the Philippines.  As of this writing, we are pleased to say that our first technical lead will start employment with us in the next week.  Thus far, the process of working with Monroe Consulting, has been a good one.  A responsive and accommodating team.  A pleasure to work with!

    Somporn: Monroe have been superb, their customer service is great. Their team responded very quickly and go above and beyond to help throughout the recruitment process. I am always impressed with the service orientation I find when I interact with the Monroe team. They listen carefully and understand clearly about the needs and get it very quickly. They have a deep and detailed knowledge of my company and spend time getting to my target candidates, which creates mutual benefits and positive feedback for all.  ‘Proactive,’ ’customer understanding’ and ’quality’ are three keywords I can apply to the Monroe team. In addition, I am very satisfied with the quality of professional candidates and profiles who are submitted for my consideration for any of my job vacancies. The expand search and re-approach tactics with their passion to support their clients has been wonderful. I cannot imagine how hard they work for this and finally they turn their very good execution to deliver outstanding outcomes – they have placed more than 6 successful, senior candidates in just one quarter. Monroe, it is great to deal with an organization that is so responsive to customer needs, delivers results in a timely manner and is willing to make the process easy and effortless. I certainly do business with Monroe and treat them as a long term business partner for our talent-acquisition process.

    Tomas Parlade: We worked with Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia on selecting a profile for a relevant position in our company. We are very satisfied with the level of support that we received from Monroe. The executive recruitment consultant has made communication very easy and managed the process in a very efficient, straightforward and collaborative manner. The support we received from Monroe helped us find the best candidates and make the best decision.

    Eray Hobikgil: It was a real pleasure to work with Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia. Their professional staff understood our needs (which were not easy and simple to fulfil as it was a new start-up organisation), and found excellent candidates for managerial- and professional-level positions. I would like to thank the staff at Monroe very much for all the help provided throughout our establishment process in Malaysia.

    Madhura Poonekar: Monroe consulting played a big role in expanding our organization. They understand our business, our requirements and provide good information about the market. We are happy with the quality of the candidates they present, and exceed our expectations in coordinating with candidates, starting from setting up the interviews (even on very short notice), up to the closing stage. We appreciate their honesty and professionalism. We would rate the service that they provide as excellent!

    Anchalee Eiamsamang: We have received excellent services from Monroe and sometimes the services provided also exceed our expectations. They are always active and keen to provide their services to us. Monroe always provides us with on-time delivery of services and they provide us with good support throughout the recruitment process. We are happy with the quality of resumes and candidates presented to us by Monroe Consulting Group.

    Cecil Canal: I wish to inform you that I have partnered with Monroe Consulting Services for the past year in terms of recruitment services for our BPO manpower requirements at The Enterprise Center in Ayala Avenue Makati.  I have worked with a lot of recruitment vendors but I would say that I have personally favoured the quality of service I have received from one of their division heads. She has given me a very good impression of the dedication and perseverance she has shown to her work. I have personally been a witness to how she screens talent, her attention to detail and energy is very infectious. You would really like working with her because of the passion and consistency to quality she has manifested. This is visibly present in her daily transactions with you knowing that she gets the job done right the first time. It is because of the level of trust that I have for her, which made me comfortable to entrust to her our additional requirements that were not initially negotiated in our first encounter. In other words, I wanted her to be our sole provider knowing that I would receive good quality candidates that were screened right and had the right job match for us. She is very organized and systematic. She keeps track of her candidates and you would trust her to monitor all of her endorsements on time. She ensures timely delivery and her feedback is immediate. She has provided our HR Team with the best advice and they both deliver on their promises. They definitely, "walk the talk" and because of that our management trusted them enough to hire one of their foreign candidates from overseas.  The candidates they sent us were of good quality, they do not just give us a couple of profiles to assess but they made sure we would have ample number of viable candidates to screen. You would definitely have the feeling that they are readily prepared and have the most extensive networks to search from across the globe and the Philippines. Working with Monroe Consulting was one of the best experiences I have and you would not hesitate to recommend them to your other colleagues with the same kind of requirements in the gaming industry.

    Wes Boon Hou Chee: I have been working with Monroe Consulting Group for over 18 months and I am impressed with the level of service and constant updates they provide. The people I have worked with have strived to provide the best candidates and service levels. It is a good partnership with the Monroe team. They helped to identify talent and offer advice on the budget, with the newly introduced commitment letter increases the engagement of the candidate. The service goes beyond the placing of people as they provide valuable market knowledge as well as feeding back what the candidate pools perception of us as an employer is. This additional information helps us to understand the local markets and how we can attract the best people. It is always challenging to find a reliable recruitment partner in the emerging economies, of which Monroe has proven itself. The dedication they have demonstrated has helped us to secure some great people for our company, which has helped us grow our business in the region. I am happy to endorse Monroe Consulting Group for the Best Overseas Operation award and feel they would be highly deserving of the win.

    Patrice Pinguenet: When we first decided to recruit new managers in order to reinforce our team in Indonesia, we contacted and had interviews with some consultants, and were seduced by Monroe’s approach. So we decided to have a try with them. Very quickly, we noticed that they first tried to really understand, not only what kind of profiles we were looking for, but also the spirit of our Company to propose adapted candidates. So we received good quantities of candidates, in accordance with what we had requested. All CVs were well presented and commented, the organisation of the meetings was very precise, and the person in charge of the account was always available. As the first round had not been satisfactory, we met again with Monroe team to give them a new description more adapted to our needs and to the candidates in Indonesia. Once again, they managed to find the corresponding candidates, and we finally recruited two of them, when in fact we were only looking for one position at the beginning. I would recommend Monroe Consulting, and, by the way, I already did.

    Andrew Minnitt: Our dealings with Monroe Consulting have always been conducted in a professional and efficient manner and the candidates referred have been of a high calibre. This has enabled us to make a number of appointments from these candidates and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the years ahead.

    Arief Gunardi: We are very pleased to have Monroe Consulting Group as an important partner for our recruitment requirements. The recruitment consultants work closely with us when identifying the candidates we are looking for. They really understand our detailed requirements and profiles, provide valuable insights to us and help us find the best candidates for our organization’s growth plan. The transition plan is smooth, which makes it easy for candidates to adjust to the new working environment, while maintaining a professional work ethic. We are happy and satisfied with the quality of candidates they help identify and this is extremely crucial for our business.

    Anggi Sectio Rissa Larasati: It was a delight working with you (Monroe) on our recent search. Your ability to assimilate our requirements and to find qualified candidates quickly was quite impressive. I thank you sincerely for your help and quality of service to our company. I am looking forward to receiving well qualified candidate profiles for other open positions!

  • Client Testimonials 4

    Jenus Yan: Monroe is able to endorse candidates fast. They provide professional services with high integrity. Consultants are efficient and helpful in terms of sourcing and are able to poach candidates with special skill sets that are hard to find.

    Joy Grace Duremdes: Our company considers Monroe Consulting Group Philippines a development partner that has proven to be reliable in time commitments and consistent in meeting our expectations. The points of contact assigned to assist us are very proficient and as such, they have been able to place quality employees for us from rank-and-file to managerial positions. To this date, these employees have been displaying professionalism and excellent productivity contributing to the success of our company.

    Michael Yeung: Our company is a start-up software consultancy services in the Philippines. Based on the feedback from the people in our industry, Monroe Consulting Group is by far the best. The candidates that were endorsed were of top calibre giving us a hard time to decide on who to hire.  After placing candidates, follow through was made to ensure that their placements were efficient and performers. The account manager/s made a good impression on how she sourced, recruited and placed candidates in our company. The integrity, efficiency and quality of Monroe are what I have been looking for in working with an executive recruitment firm.

    Toni Brendish: I only recently used Monroe Consulting Group for a very senior role in our organisation. I was very pleasantly surprised with the consultant, who came extremely well prepared, she asked probing and clarifying questions and I felt that she had a very clear view on my expectations. This was confirmed with the first round of candidate resumes and then again confirmed with the actual interviews with truly excellent candidates in a relatively short period of time. Overall I have found Monroe to be extremely responsive and operating at a very high level in terms of identifying talent.

    Joy Grace Duremdes: Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia has been our recruitment partner since 2014 and has proven to be reliable in time commitments and consistent in meeting our expectations. The points of contact assigned to assist us are very proficient and as such, they were able to place quality employees for managerial positions. To this date, these employees have been displaying professionalism and excellent productivity contributing to the success of our company in Indonesia.

    Bobby Dhanandjaja: As a company in Indonesia, we were legally established in January 2014 with the vision of becoming a leading special cutting tools company in Indonesia. As with the new establishment, recruiting the right candidates are crucial for the first business set-up in the Indonesian market. We contacted the Monroe Indonesia team to search for a technical sales manager whose background was very specifically tailored to cutting tools industry.  The industry is known to be a niche market, dominated by only a few strong players with specific knowledge who are becoming trademarks in their field. Despite some earlier difficulties, and plus our scepticism at that time, Monroe with strong persistence was able to bring us some good and qualified candidates with proven background in the cutting tools industry. The follow-up has been consistent and I was especially impressed with Monroe’s objective assessment of their candidate strengths as well as their weaknesses.  At the end, we have obtained our right candidate and the assignment has been done successfully. We are looking forward to working again together with Monroe for future recruitment, especially for our middle and top-level management.

    Michael Sirikul: In my capacity as Sourcing Manager, I find the FMCG industry is very dynamic and highly competitive amongst the leading firms trying to recruit the top talent for their organisations. These challenges are increased because our product is Alcohol, which requires a higher level of communication to ensure candidates understand the nature of our business and the right message is always being delivered. As a market leader in our field we engage business partners who are not only driven by commercial gains but also take the time to truly develop a relationship based on understanding our company goals and culture. In selecting Monroe Consulting Group as our partner, they have helped to ensure our recruitment process is smooth, fast and efficient. Their young and dynamic team has displayed great professionalism and service minded attitude when identifying candidates that best match our needs. Their role doesn’t end at sourcing candidates, they support us throughout the process and assist in the negotiation process to ensure the candidates and the company reach an agreement that is fair to both parties. The consultants spend time gaining an in-depth knowledge of the role and our company culture, which means the candidates put forward are entirely suitable for the next stage of selection and increases the success rate in filling our vacancies. Communication has been excellent, providing a friendly professional and dedicated service. We always felt like we were their number one priority.

    Frederic Marcerou: We have been working with Monroe Consulting Group for almost a year and during those times, in order to support our growth; we need to significantly increase our team size in various departments, from Customer Service to Operations and Finance. Monroe has been a great support to our Company, being able to provide us qualified candidates for various profiles from data encoding level to managerial level. Monroe is a key partner in our current success and growth and we are looking forward to more years of fruitful working relationship with them. Monroe is a key partner in our current success and growth and we are looking forward to more years of fruitful working relationship with them. Thank you and more power to Monroe Consulting Group. 

    Zulfiadi Susanto: We were in contact with several Recruitment Agencies when a colleague from the Product Support Division recommended working with Monroe Consulting Group. We initially assigned them some challenging expatriate positions, which they were able to fill through their international network. We have continued to work with Monroe for over 2 years and they have the highest success rate in placing candidates with us by far. The team quickly gained an understanding of our requirements and took the time to understand how we work. Monroe understands I have a busy schedule and unlike other recruitment companies they do not bombard me with unnecessary calls. Monroe’s professional approach and knowledge of the Indonesian market has led to us having a long-standing relationship with them and they are always the first company I contact when I have a recruitment need.

    Bharati Moriani: Monroe has always provided a great service to us in terms of quality and quantity of Resumes along with being very efficient and timely. The consultants really care about the client and they are a real pleasure to work with! We started working with Monroe in Indonesia and have now made them part of our Regional Preferred service providers to support our growth in Southeast Asia.

  • Client Testimonials 5

    Olga Ann Barrera: We engaged Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia on December 15, 2014, for two key positions for our Indonesia affiliate. Three days later we had already received initial profiles and we were able to shortlist in two weeks. By January 19, or just over a month later, we were able to sign up with the successful candidates.  Monroe Consulting was very professional, thorough, transparent and knew exactly which candidates will have a good fit to our organization and requirements.  I am tremendously impressed with Monroe’s professionalism and responsiveness.  We have continued to engage Monroe for our subsequent requirements. We are looking forward to a long and meaningful partnership with Monroe Consulting Group.

    Colin Kwon: I have been working with Monroe since early this year to source new staff, including an Account Director. I am impressed with Monroe’s dedication, sincerity and expertise. They are doing their best to understand our business area, which is advertising. Their team have also provided me with useful information and advice. I firmly believe that I will keep working with Monroe to accomplish my business goals here in Indonesia. Also, I would like to strongly recommend Monroe to anyone who is planning start a business on this soil.

    Noel Chan: Monroe Consulting Group has helped our company tremendously in screening worthwhile candidates for the positions that we needed filled. The candidates themselves were exactly the types of people we required, with the necessary competencies and at the level of remuneration we asked. Because Monroe Consulting took the time to interview and screen potential candidates, our own screening process was streamlined and we were able to tender our offer to them within a relatively short period. Special mention goes to their consultant for her professionalism and service in liaising with the candidates and relaying our offer in a manner that encouraged the candidates to accept. We plan on relying on Monroe Consulting to help us fill future requirements.

    Somjai Thongkouw: First of all, I'd like to say ‘thank you very much’ for all your help, its great service for us. The recruitment process delivered by Monroe has been great! They make sure that the job is clear and ensure they understand the roles. The quality of the candidates is good, with 90 percent being accurate matches. I like that the candidates are good quality for our job vacancies. Monroe’s on time for feedback: I can call them anytime I need urgent answers from their team. My experience working with Monroe shows me that you are a good company to work with, and maintain commitment to our company – I'm happy working with Monroe Consulting.

    Phassanai Doyle: We are happy with Monroe’s recruitment service. We are also happy with the quality of resumes and candidates we receive. Monroe’s coordination in terms of delivering resumes and scheduling of interviews is very good. We are very happy with their recruitment process, from receiving the job, and up to successful placement. We would definitely recommend Monroe Consulting Group.

    Say-Kham Ly: Our overall experience with Monroe’s recruitment service is good. We are happy with the quality of resumes and candidates from Monroe, especially because we just filled two positions, and for one which is still running. Monroe’s coordination in terms of delivering resumes and scheduling of interviews is very proactive. We are very satisfied with their recruitment process, from their job assessment after receiving the job, salary negotiation, up to successful placement. We already recommended Monroe Consulting to other companies/subsidiaries and some friends in the HR Community.

    Helen Melinda: We have been working on several positions with Monroe, and so far we are very satisfied with the service given. Monroe is supported by a great team of recruiters who work very professionally. They can explore our company needs in depth and match our requirements to the candidates presented. I can say that Monroe consulting provides much better service than most of the similar players in the market.

    Doris Zheng: I have cooperated with Monroe Consulting Group for almost two years. I have to say and consider myself lucky to have a recruiting partner like them. As a recruiting supervisor, overseas recruitment is always a great challenge to me. Last year, our company had an urgent requirement for a tough profile to find. We needed to search for a senior executive who has almost 10 years sales and management experience in the agrochemical industry. As I am based in Shanghai, it was really hard for me to search for local candidates and arrange interviews so I decided to engage a recruitment partner. After comparing several Indonesian headhunting companies, Monroe Consulting Group gained my trust, and helped us to find the right candidate within two months. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the consultant as cooperating with him was always effective and comfortable. Now, our Indonesian branch office is becoming an important part of our overseas market.

    Steven Wong: I have been using Monroe Consulting Group since 2008 and I am very happy with their standard of service. They are excellent at what they do and all candidates they have provided are good standard and quality! Their team is very professional and they get the work done fast. They are easily reachable and reply to emails and calls fast. I am continuing to use their services and highly recommend them to any company. Well done!

    Debra Ovinis: We met briefly a couple of months ago with your consultant. I have been part of the client team and have been working closely with your consultant for the past few months on a couple of positions. As an HR profession and a consultant, I am a big believer in providing feedback. This email is intended to provide feedback on my working experiences with Monroe. Firstly, I believe that Monroe has displayed very strong professionalism in really trying to understand the client's requirements. This is displayed by your consultant who has taken adequate interest in understanding the type of profiles which we are looking for. Although in some cases, the first candidate may not have been a fit, he has displayed an interest to further understand and ensure that the following candidates are as per the client's requirements. His follow-up and follow through is also recommendable. I have received sms's and follow up calls and email after working hours and close to the start of weekends updating me on candidates schedule, etc. In my instances, he has been hard pressed by myself to deliver CVs in a very short-time frame, however he has managed to always deliver on-time. He has displayed strong recruitment skills as well as has a very good personality and disposition to serve clients. Although initially, I decided to work with a couple of head-hunters, after working closely with Monroe for the first few weeks, I have been using Monroe solely for my recruitment needs. My project will come to an end on the 31st of July, however I wish to thank Monroe for all the assistance provided to make the project a success. I wish Monroe every success in the future. 

    Erik Koenen: We decided to use the services of Monroe Consulting Group to find the right quality of experienced staff in various functions and disciplines. The consultants from Monroe have always been professional and have been very proactive in helping clarify the bank's requirements. Through their vast network I have been able to develop quickly a well-rounded experienced team capable of leading the bank's growth requirements in Indonesia. 

    Titien Supeno: I have been beyond impressed with the service from Monroe Consulting Group.  The whole process from identifying the competencies required for the job, screening the candidates and arranging the interview sessions has been done professionally. The candidates referred to us have always been selected carefully according to the requirements, not to mention that they are very responsive. The service is first class.  I'll be referring Monroe to other people. You guys are great!

    Fuadilah: I have found the personalised service provided by Monroe impressive and like that they always update me on the status of my requirements. The other strengths of Monroe are the capability to quickly audit a given business status and to define realistic objectives. Furthermore, I greatly appreciate the speed at which Monroe is able to move forward. Overall I have been very impressed and pleased with the whole experience with Monroe. 

    Rini Rachmanda: Working together with Monroe was awesome, they provided us the best talent, quickly and always on time. Monroe is truly a professional, excellent solution for Executive Search. I wish you success and keep the passion of Monroe!

    John Canada: Monroe Consulting Group is an important recruitment partner for our company. They offer good customer service, quickly responding to our inquiries and requests to ensure good turnaround. We feel that we are prioritized and they look after our needs, as such we know that we have a valuable partnership with Monroe.  

What Our Candidates Say

  • Candidate Testimonials 1

    Handono Warih: I have worked for two of Indonesia’s leading telecommunications companies for almost 20 years. The last 10 years have been with PT. XL Axiata Tbk, where I worked my way up from Senior Manager Mobile Data Services to a number of executive management positions, including GM Corporate Sales and VP North Region, based in Makassar, South Sulawesi. I have been approached by recruitment companies before but when I was contacted by Monroe, I was immediately impressed by not only the genuine friendliness, openness and industry knowledge of the consultant, but by the clear presentation of an alternative job opportunity with one of the world’s most high-profile and respected companies. I was only ever presented with the pros and cons of the job offer and never pressured into making a snap decision. It’s obvious that the consultant was a pure professional so this made it much easier for me to take her advice and guidance through the recruitment process. Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia are trusted by client companies because they cannot only identify potential fits for job openings, but they have the systems in place to secure hires. I would also like to thank Monroe for the superior customer service, which includes the occasional phone call or email to wish me well in my new endeavours. I am happy to recommend Monroe.

    Sherwin A. Cubangbang: It is a pleasure for me to provide feedback on my experience with Monroe Consulting Group Thailand, which recruited me for my current role with UTAC. The quality of the service that Monroe provided during the recruitment process was stress-free and a really excellent experience. Monroe approached me with a job opportunity. The recruitment consultant was fully briefed on the industry segment, UTAC’s background, the job description, the required qualifications, the hiring manager’s expectations and a comprehensive overview of the compensation package. All of these factors are important in determining whether to accept or reject a job opportunity. But Monroe provides more than this. The honesty and integrity demonstrated by the Company is also superb, as its flexibility to discuss the needs of the candidate, respond to detailed requests for information and to smooth the interview process, including organising face-to-face meetings to discuss topics. The quality of the opportunity I was presented with was tremendously outstanding. Monroe was able to recognize the company's needs and expectations. The Company had the ability to assess not only my qualifications and related experience in the semiconductor industry, but also my competency for the job role as Senior Quality Manager of UTAC. From my own perspective, it is a critical aspect that a recruiter should possess. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you again for the assistance that you have given to me during the hiring process :)

    Vanessa Ingrid: I have been contacted by a number of headhunters but so far none have compared to Monroe Consulting Group. I found my recruitment consultant, Nadia, to be very helpful. She made it very clear from the beginning of the process that even though she was helping a client company fill a job vacancy that she also cared about the candidates she was dealing with, including me. She took the time to understand my preferences and kept me fully informed during the recruitment process, making sure everything was in place and the process moved at the right pace. She was more like a helpful assistant than a stranger. I felt I could be really transparent about my aspirations. I really recommend Monroe to my friends. :)

    Siwattra Rungthaweewut: I found the service from Monroe Consulting Group Thailand to be excellent, professional and proactive. The company called me prior to my job interviews, provided me with additional information and took the time to call me afterwards to make sure everything went smoothly. The level of enthusiasm and service-minded approach was superb. I have already recommended Monroe among my network. In terms of honesty and integrity, Monroe was direct in answering my questions and handling my concerns. And in terms of support and advice, I was impressed. The consultants advised me on what to expect during the interviews. I have been through this with consultants from other recruitment companies and they never explained what the interviewer would be looking for from specific questions and how to best respond, unlike Monroe. The quality of the job opportunity was good and suitable for the development of my career. Monroe didn’t try to offer something that was lower than my expectations. The job was a perfect match with my profile and experience.

    Boby Yandy: Through this testimonial, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia for your great support and contribution during the recruitment process for BAT. I can honestly say that Monroe and my consultant, Inge, were excellent: starting from the opportunity offering, exploring my interest, forwarding my profile to the client, advising on the process as well as the numbers offered from BAT, until the end when I signed the contract. It was complete end-to-end support, and I do really appreciate that, thank you very much. This is not the first time I have dealt with career consultants, but I can say that I have been serviced totally. Monroe fully supported me and my consultant could be contacted. In fact, Monroe proactively contacted me to keep me updated with the process. Again, I do really appreciate that. I never met Inge directly, but my impression during our conversations was that she is a nice person, honest, supportive, and appreciated others. Maybe we could meet sometimes. Monroe I believe has provided a positive and valuable partnership with me during the recruitment process for BAT, and for sure I believe that it's not the end, instead it's a start for a better partnership ahead in the future. I wish Monroe and Inge great success always. Thank you Inge, thank you Monroe, thank you very much.

    Chiraporn Kanistarath: Monroe Consulting Group Thailand helped me secure my EVP position with Tokio Marine Life Insurance last year. I have been approached by several executive search firms in the past, but when I compare them all, Monroe has been the most professional, particularly in terms of overall trust. This professionalism is evident throughout the company, beginning with the initial contact and overall service quality. It has only been a positive experience, from the knowledge of the recruitment consultants, prompt and informative answers to any queries and a willingness to help when I had difficulties. In terms of the honesty and integrity of the recruitment consultants I dealt with at Monroe, I was very satisfied. The consultant who contacted me was Khun Anuchit. We never met in person during the recruitment process, but his detailed knowledge of the industry and the company, and genuine desire to help convinced me of his abilities and allowed me to trust him completely. The general support and advice offered by Monroe was very helpful, particularly when it came to discussions about salary and benefits. I have never been keen on negotiating compensation packages and have previously focused on accepting jobs based mainly on the scope of work. Monroe really supported me is this area. Personally, I think the superior level of services comes from a healthy working structure within Monroe itself, as well as the professional and experienced recruitment consultants developed by the Company.

  • Candidate Testimonials 2

    Natcha Wongthongdee (Ph.D.): In terms of the quality of the recruitment services I received from Monroe Consulting Group Thailand, I am completely satisfied. Monroe provides a purely professional recruitment process from your first moment of contact with the company. This begins with a prospective new job opportunity and great career advice based on a sound understanding of the company, the company’s needs and the wider industry. So it was a positive experience for me from the beginning and continued through the recruitment process, including during salary negotiations. What came through was the honesty and integrity of the particular recruitment consultant I was working with. The consultant was professional, knowledgeable and followed a timetable that allowed me to reduce the consideration period and accept the new job. I can honestly say that both the employee and employer benefitted from Monroe’s services.

    Wasinee Ponlawat: The service I received from Monroe Consulting Group Thailand was above my expectations. I received clear explanations about the job on offer and the details of the employer, which were informative and helped me make the best decision on my future. I can say that the recruitment consultant I dealt with had high honesty and integrity, and played a very key role in securing my new job. Monroe offered excellent support and advice because they always updated the hiring status and reminded me when I had interviews. My new job has provided me with a number of great opportunities and I am very satisfied with all the benefits I get from the employer.

    Edi Kusmana: First of all, thank you to the Monroe Consulting Group team that believed in me as qualified candidate for an outstanding chemical company. Monroe’s dedication and commitment proves that they are professional in every step of the recruitment process. The critical point for which I am most grateful is that Monroe Consulting provided me with a detailed breakdown of the benefits of changing employers, which allowed me to make an informed choice. And they go the extra mile. Monroe remains in contact with me and provides updates even though I have joined the new company. So, I believe Monroe Consulting has a culture value that every part of the organization should follow to ensure their customers are satisfied. I am one of those satisfied customers. Monroe Indonesia shows they don’t only work for business, but they put heart and passion into the recruitment process. One thing that separates Monroe from their competitors is that they provided me with excellent service during, and even after, the recruitment process. I remember the way they provided me the information about the company they were representing that was very brief and clear. They were also proactive to update at every state of the recruitment process and maintained that relationship after I joined the company to ensure that I was enjoying working for the new company.

    Robin Hisar Pasaribu: I also firmly believe that professionalism and integrity is in Monroe’s blood as they listened closely to any concern that I had and suggested how I could resolve these issues. It’s another example of how they work to ensure that I enjoyed my new career opportunity. This definitely exceeded my expectations. Finding a recruitment company that professionally listens with heart, passion and integrity is really rare to find today but I found it in Monroe.

    Andrisman: My feelings are already reflected in the many testimonials stated on Monroe Consulting Group’s website. My first experience with Monroe, 15 years into my career, left me amazed with their professional capabilities and dedication to ensure the process ran well and as expected. I offer my gratitude and have no hesitation in recommending Monroe to anyone. This word-of-mouth campaign is my appreciation. I have told all my colleagues and associates who are seeking new endeavours that they communicate with Monroe.

  • Candidate Testimonials 3

    Agus Sumarna: I have been working for more than 15 years at various reputable companies. I decided to move from one company to another for a number of reasons, including improving my career, taking on new challenges and the new opportunities that arise from working for a new company. Monroe understood this and provided me with very clear information, both positive and negative. They were very honest about this, including some of my weaknesses and how I could overcome these. I think Monroe has a sixth sense about which candidates are suitable for companies, and how they can establish long-term careers. My consultant took the time to get to know me, understanding that I preferred to work in a religious and humble environment. This is beyond professionalism. This is understanding the people and the companies they work with to ensure the perfect match.

    Archie Pocsedio: If you’re looking for new career that suit to your skills and passions Monroe Consulting Group can be your best buddy. It’s awesome, really. I can’t say enough about how well they tailored to the need of employee to assure it successfully land the Job. They provide me great assistance and advice for every process of the recruitment. I will forever grateful to Monroe Consulting Team.

    Anthony Ang: Monroe’s service level was excellent where I was properly and timely informed on various development status on all stages of hiring process.  I can only speak of what is on the surface/front end: that my recruiter is a person who knows very well her role on the engagement strategy with the hiring company. Some invaluable support and advice was offered to me pertaining to criteria on candidates the hiring company is looking for and some good hint was offered on how I can present my interview more successfully. The company is vetting through various source and ensure that the candidates are well profile in the industry, before any suitable candidate is being selected.

    Alexander T. Dela Rosa: I never believed in headhunting agencies until I received a call from Monroe who introduced me to the concept of recruitment consulting. She went beyond what could have been a simple headhunting process by providing pertinent pointers, appointment reminders, and progress checks. She exhibited not just familiarity but attachment to her clients, and the logical result was a win-win situation between the company and her candidate. I can’t thank her enough for her effort and persistence in ensuring that I land my dream job.

    Arwin Polintan: Firstly I would like to say that Monroe Philippines is a very resourceful group because they use every available avenue to look for candidate that will match the profile of the requirement of their clientele. Overall I find that Monroe Philippines is very proactive and they assist the candidate from the start until the end. They are also very transparent in and upfront in terms of sharing important information to the candidate to help them to make the best possible decision for their future careers. I will definitely be looking forward in working with Monroe either for my personal career opportunity or as a partner to help me fill in the manpower required for my team.

    Ng khang Fei: Being in the recruitment business, the services provided by any recruitment agency are extremely vital because this will affect the livelihood of the person involved as being able to secure not just a job but a suitable job will charter the course of a person's career. The role that this group, company or business play is very significant. Knowing this, it is with utmost importance that we, jobseekers, entrust this to a company that not just points us to the desired role but also sees us through that role until we are successful, which in due course opens up more opportunities for us. This is exactly how I feel about Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia. The company’s help assisted me through the job, making me think that they actually do care about your career besides meeting stringent customer demands. I like the professional attitude and negotiation skills portrayed by their staff. It makes me feel that I can actually grow my career with them.

    Yuan Lung Low: Allow me to share my experience with Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia. I received a message asking for contact, then a very outspoken and proactive lady called me. The way she approached me was very subtle and in a very general but convincing manner. It made me feel interested and I wanted to know more. Then she guided me through the whole process and keep me posted on every single update, making me feel that Monroe really cared for their candidate and really negotiated the best package for us. The advice, the guidance, the direction and the comparison are very useful and rational. There was never a time that they pushed me to make any decision just to get the deal closed. It made me very comfortable and I was determined to go through it together with her without any hesitation. The job that they managed to secure for me is an overseas posting but it makes me feel very simple and fulfilling. It was never my intention to be posted overseas but with Monroe, they opened up my eyes and broadened my perspective to explore outside my country. I think I have made a correct and wise decision, all thanks to Monroe. They are true professionals and they shared honest opinions and information that I have never seen in any other head-hunting companies so far. All the best to Monroe, you will always be my first preferred agency in future and I will recommend my friends to you to explore new opportunities. Good things we must share! Cheers & Thank You Monroe Consulting Group!

    Yogendren Mariappan: The service and commitment provided by Monroe Malaysia was amazing. Especially on the follow ups and negotiation skills on behalf of your organization was simply superb. I appreciate all the effort taken and giving me this big opportunity to take my career to the next level. I have got new friends, new environment, and new path in my career and all this was because of Monroe and my Recruitment Consultant. Thank you guys!!!

    Robin Ong: I would like to express my deepest appreciation and thanks to the Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia and my recruitment consultant for her professional support and guidance throughout my job searching journey. Being active in most of the job portal websites in the past few years has provide me with wide connection with job agencies and consultants from all over Asia. I have had approaches from numerous job agencies with many job opportunities but I would say the Monroe’s service has impressed me, and it is the best job searching experience I have encountered. Besides providing me with her client’s website to study and understand the nature of the business, the consultant also sent me the interview preparations and questions, which provided me with enough information to determine if this was the ideal job for me, and also helped me prepare for my interviews and made the interviews very successful and smooth. The recruitment consultant not only provided me with professional consulting advices, but also gave me her unbiased and sincere personal opinions, placed my interests and benefits as her first priority, always keep me posted with the latest updates from her client, and replied to my enquires promptly, regardless of whether it was early in the morning or late at the night. I would definitely recommend Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia to my friends or colleagues in the future.

  • Candidate Testimonials 4

    Goh Eng Ken: This is my first working experience with a recruitment firm and I am very glad to have chosen Monroe Malaysia in helping me to make a smooth career move. The consultant I worked with provided me clear insights on the opportunity available and was very attentive to my inquiries. It was a pleasant experience. Thank you Monroe and keep up the good work.

    Wayne Lee: I would like to express my appreciation to Monroe Malaysia for supporting me by presenting the very best of me to potential employers. I have previously worked with numerous recruitment companies but did not find the experience rewarding. But my Monroe consultant helped and supported me all the way until the final interview by giving me guidance to handling the interview section. The consultant’s honesty made the process comfortable, and she dedicated herself to helping me into the right job. Though I am very happy where I am now, if there is a need in the future I will definitely look to Monroe for assistance.

    Eric Tan: This note serves as appreciation to Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia and my recruitment consultant for their hard work and contribution. Despite the recruitment process taking a lengthy 5 months, the consultant was persistent and displayed a “never give up” attitude. She was dedicated and acted professionally by constantly updating the progress and gave accurate insights. I strongly believed in her integrity and setting her priorities to select only the best option for both parties were instrumental in the key decision-making process for the client. I am glad that Monroe came across my particulars and was even more fortunate to have my consultant assigned to handle my application. I am looking forward to taking my career to the next level with the reputable organization that Monroe has carefully selected for me.

    Ravi Chandran: I highly recommend Monroe Malaysia as a professional, diligent and extremely competent recruitment company that helped me find the right position and identified the key criteria I was looking for in my next role. My recruitment consultant was a thoroughly professional and dedicated individual. Her expertise and negotiating skills have helped me tremendously in seeking employment and she is one of the best consultants in her field that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I have no concerns in promoting Monroe’s services to people in need of work but also to employers as Monroe's level of service and consideration is second to none.

    Dennis Chu: Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia provides excellent support and advice during the process of recruitment. My recruitment consultant played the key role between the recruiting company and me to deliver mutual agreement. Her passion, persistence, responsibility and belief give me the courage to move forward and perform well during the interview. Besides, she also conducted a briefing of the company background, kept updating the process and provide professional advice before the interview. I also would like take this opportunity to thank all members of Monroe during my last interview process. I can see the teamwork between the group and provide assurance of the interview process.

    Ken Wong: Monroe provided amazing assistance in sourcing my job, and has continued to be of service. The expertise of Monroe’s consultants in unquestionable. They first matched the requirements needed for the position with my skill set and then guided me through the recruitment process, including preparations for the interview. And it didn’t end there. Monroe helped me manage my salary expectations and provided ongoing support after my job application was accepted. I can’t speak highly enough about the Company’s integrity and service.

    Mark Kenneth Mardo: The quality of service provided by Monroe is excellent. They are an honest and trustworthy recruitment company. They have also been very supportive and accommodating.

    Nelson Sy: Monroe provides an outstanding service. The recruitment consultants are trustworthy people and they provide all the necessary information needed before facing the actual client. They give excellent advice in order to land and secure the job.

    Luke Lv: Monroe Consulting Group was the first time I had ever used a recruitment company and I was delighted with the results. I would again like to give my sincere gratitude to all the staff at Monroe, especially the consultant I worked with for her professional advice and quality service she provides to jobseekers. Blessed I am for being one of them. I appreciate the honesty and integrity of Monroe’s crew, who actively endorse the qualified candidates to all kinds of great opportunities. Keep up the great work Monroe!

    Frederik Siahaan: I would like to express my gratitude to Monroe for the support it provided during the recruitment process with one of Monroe’s well-respected clients. Throughout the recruitment process, Monroe has been supportive, objective, well informed and kept me informed about ongoing progress. I haven’t experienced many recruitment consultants as professional as those at Monroe. With the recruiter’s professionalism, I believe that this will give positive benefits to Monroe Consulting and also for the companies and candidates. Last but not least, I wish the recruitment consultants and Monroe Consulting Group continued success toward becoming the market leader in the recruitment industry.

    Rico Setiawan: As a former Accenture Singapore employee I have had a lot of experience with headhunters. When I returned to Jakarta, however, it was difficult to find professional services from a recruitment company until a Monroe consultant called me a few weeks ago. The moment the consultant called me it was clear that Monroe was a professional organisation, right down to simple good manners on the telephone. The recruiter spoke fluent English, provided the appropriate guidance and reminded me before the interview sessions began. She also fought for my additional benefit requirements in the contract. I would like to express my thanks for the truly international services that Monroe has given to me thus far. It means a lot to me.

    Yusuf Tombokan: I would like to thank Monroe Consulting Group, especially the recruitment team, who selected my profile from thousands of candidate profiles for a “Senior Executive Position” for a multinational mining company. After being “jobless” for six weeks due to a global slump in commodity prices, Monroe’s recruitment team called me to discuss my profile. It was a really great discussion and I was happy to provide the details of my career for the client. Within two days, the client called me from Australia for an initial phone interview. I passed the phone interview and by the following week, I had a face-to-face interview with the Senior Country Manager. The interview was a success and started my new job the week after that. I believe that without the support of Monroe Consulting Group, I would not have been able to get this job, especially in this current situation in Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific region. Again, I would like to express my thanks to Monroe for the support and being able to convince the client that I am “the best of the best” candidate from thousands of candidates. Monroe Consulting Group and its recruitment team in Indonesia have demonstrated their capability to select the best candidates and endorse candidate profiles effectively to fulfil the client’s needs.

    Tomi Wilta: I have just become a member of an international company with an incredible team of workers. I am pleased to thank to Monroe Consulting Group for its professionalism, dedication and understanding to communicate every step on my placement process, including the advice given on how to face the interviews and other aspects of the placement process. Thank you Monroe Consulting Group and I wish you the very best.

  • Candidate Testimonials 5

    Hendra Kurniawan: I am sending this note to express my satisfaction and excitement because I finally found a new job and clear path for my career advancement via Monroe Consulting Group. I am really satisfied to work with the professional team from Monroe Consulting Group because they are very experienced, helpful, caring and honest and show good integrity. They informed me about the job requirements and client information clearly. They supported me during the recruitment process and advised me of the best strategy to get the opportunity. This is what makes Monroe Consulting Group different to other recruitment firms I’ve experienced. I will definitely strongly recommend Monroe and its services to all of my friends and co-workers.

    Carrie Chng: The consultant I worked with is a dedicated recruiter who was very professional throughout the placement process. She was prompt in her responses and provided detailed background on the role (job scope, company background and expectations). Taking a step further, Adeline even provided a support insight article sharing the industry and company outlook for reassurance during the contracting stage, which is one of the key consideration factors for my decision making. I really appreciated her high-quality service support, including all the efforts to complete my successful placement at Lenovo.

    Astrid Intani: I feel confident in choosing Monroe as my ‘personal job agent’ for the past 8 years because as a candidate I know Monroe’s clients are limited to the top-notch institutions with big brands, mostly (if not all) global corporations. This makes the opportunities that Monroe offers attractive, typically for young, bright candidates looking for a dream job with multinational companies. The consultants themselves speak very good English. They consistently make English an important screening factor in recommending any candidate to their well-reputed clients. My relationship with Monroe has been continuously well maintained by the Consultant. During that time, in which we had on-and-off exchanges, it surprised me that at the end of the day, although our interactions had not been successful with a placement for me yet, apparently the consultant did not give up on me and still kept my phone number. He kept me notified of further potential opportunities for me. I think the consultant treated me sincerely as a potential long-term talent, not only as a ‘commodity’ to be ‘sold’ but more as a friend to keep. The consultant has been also very thorough in preparing myself for each stage of the job-hunting process, from validating the needs to move to another company and briefing me on the company background (not only the standard company data but also the company’s culture and his honest impressions of that client). Later on when I finally got the job, every now and then he still checks up on me to ensure I am doing ok with integrating into the new position. Until today, I am still proud to say that I have been (and maybe always will be) a ‘Monroe candidate.’  I feel that being associated with Monroe adds a positive image to my career.

    Siska: Jobseekers know that Monroe is the leading recruitment company in Indonesia. When I applied for a position that Monroe was advertising I was delighted when I was contacted by a recruitment consultant. The consultant explained in very clear terms about the company and the position and helped me through the entire process until I was awarded the job and joined the new company. I was very happy with all the guidance and the support provided by Monroe, especially from the consultant. She ensured that communication between myself and the company was clear, and helped me realise my salary demands. I think Monroe is the most professional headhunter that I have worked with.

    Fajar Dwi Ismudianto: I have been working closely with Monroe Consulting since I joined my current company, a multinational flour mills company, and I am really satisfied with the position offered since it is above my expectation. Monroe’s contribution was really HUGE where they could convinced both the client (my new company) and candidate (me) to be able to fulfil and match as per company expectations. The process was also fast and, most important, Monroe always gave me the latest progress updates and have an intense communication with me. Thank you Monroe for connecting me and my current company, we really enjoy it!

    Paulus Suranto: My career spans more than 15 years and has seen me hold management positions for various reputable corporations in different industries. During this time, I have dealt with many recruitment (executive search) companies, both local and multinational. As in any other industry, each recruitment company has its own culture and working codes, most of which based on my experience is nothing less than good. However, if I am asked to single-out the best that I have experienced, I firmly and convincingly would mention Monroe. Monroe has applied the highest degree of professionalism in dealing with me, which has made me very impressed. Not only did Monroe advise me about the company and position offered, but they also provided on-going consultation throughout the process, right down to a detailed compensation package and comparative job/position's responsibilities with my current job/position to ensure that there will not be any misunderstanding or regrets along the way. At the beginning of the process, Monroe Consulting also gave me some helpful guidelines on the generally acceptable ethics on job interviews. With all of the above, together with the pleasant conversations and communications with the clearly capable consultant, there is no doubt I can conclude that Monroe Consulting Group is the best recruiting (executive search) company that I have experienced

    Ignatius Geoffrey James: Early this year I was offered a job through Monroe Consulting Group by one of the biggest banks in the world, which I was delighted to accept. The staff of Monroe worked professionally and fast. Thank you so much for all your help and advice during my interviews. Head-hunter agents tend to get a bad reputation at times but your service was an absolute joy and I really felt looked after whilst pursuing work. Again immeasurable thanks.

    Shinta: Monroe Consulting Group was such a pleasure to work with, which I have not experienced with other recruiters. They have been fantastic about taking the time to understand my personal goals to ensure the jobs presented to me meet the criteria for a perfect career move for me. They quickly gained my trust, gave solid advice, and helped guide me through a very important process. They worked with me from start to finish, and even followed up with me after I was hired. I don’t think I will find a better recruiting professional than Monroe.

    Antoni Rajagukguk: I was initially contacted by Monroe Consulting Group to offer me a Sales Manager position on March the 11th at 4-5pm. I remember the time because I had just arrived at Jakarta airport after a few days travel. As I receive calls from quite a few head-hunters I indicated I would only consider the position if it was at a level that could compete with my current position. After a brief discussion with the consultant confirming the position would meet my requirements I arranged a follow-up call to discuss the position in detail. During the follow-up call the consultant and I had a much better discussion, where she clearly communicated the budget, background of the company and the companies’ expectations for this position, which I consider to me the most important factor. The conversation ended with me being asked for an updated CV, which I later supplied. After sending my CV, I received confirmation that I would be presented to the company. On March 18th I received a call from Monroe informing me that the hiring manager would be visiting Jakarta on the 21st and was interested to meet with me. Three days after the initial interview I received another call from Monroe to explain that the MD of the company would like to meet me on the 5th of April. Following the interview, the consultant informed me of the company’s interest in hiring me and she took the time to have an in-depth discussion about the position. The consultant then took my requirements to the company to negotiate a deal that was fair to both sides and I am now happy in my new job. Overall I would say the Consultant was the most comprehensive head-hunter that I have ever worked with. Even though the hiring manager is her customer, I could tell she was also trying to support me in making sure I was making the right move for the right remuneration. I have been contacted by many head-hunters in the past and successfully placed by two other multinational head-hunters since 2006, but Monroe was the most professional company that I have experienced. I have already recommended their services to a few HR manager I know and also recommended my friends to send their CV’s. Thanks Monroe!

    Istiantoro: Monroe is professional and excellent recruiter. They provided clear information about the position and company on offer and took the time to make sure the position I was processed for matched my skills, knowledge and career goals. They explained about the company and position in detail and followed up throughout. I am happy with the service I experienced and would recommend them to others who are looking for a good recruitment company.

    Johny Husin: Monroe Consulting Group is a professional human resources consultancy firm with a group of consultants who are ready to assist in job hunting for all professionals from different backgrounds. The consultant who worked with me in particular was very helpful and informative.  She gave me several options and followed through with potential employers. As a rather unsuccessful entrepreneur-want-to-be, I did not have the perfect resume for the consultant at Monroe Consulting to work with; nevertheless, she managed to find a corporate finance job that matched my background and qualifications. This “first-job” after many years away being an entrepreneur has really prepared me mentally and spiritually to re-enter the job market and pursue my passion.  My case shows that the firm provides an excellent recruitment service for people from all kinds of backgrounds. Thank you, Monroe Consulting Group for the assistance.

    Andry Sutamto: I worked with Monroe Consulting Group who placed me in a new job with my current employer. It was a pleasant journey and based on my experience, Monroe is very professional in terms of assisting me in my recruitment process. They provided me with thorough information about the employer and the position offered and they also guided me, both verbally and written, through the process in great detail. I was kept updated on a regular basis and never left in the dark. It was an end-to-end service for their client, and an end-to-end assistance for me. In short, I am very grateful for their assistance and I wish to have a long-term relationship with them.

    Agus Yudhianto: I have 17 years of experience in the sales industry and have worked for numerous MNC. I’ve experienced moving from one company to another company numerous times, some of which have been assisted by head-hunters (Monroe Consulting Group / MCG being one of those). The advantage of MCG compared to the other agencies is they are a very active head-hunters and aggressive in helping all parties (employees and users); it helps accelerate the process for both sides with very satisfactory results. The process was a little over a month and increases my salary by 30 percent.

    Danny D. Kosasih: It's been a great pleasure to be a candidate enlisted at a highly regarded top talent search agency like Monroe Consulting Group (Monroe). In my experience, I was very impressed when they demonstrated the true definition of partnership. They treated me not just as a candidate but more as a partner. I also truly appreciate the depth of their honesty whenever dealing with the potential employer. Monroe openly shared about the situations, conditions and opportunities at the potential employer's side, if I'd like to join. So it gave me an exact picture before I decided to accept the job offering. Moreover, Monroe sought to understand my career needs and aspirations. That's why they confidently offered me the job vacancy that matched my career goals and objectives. Thanks to Monroe for being a strategic partner in building my career.

    Arief Sudrajat:  Thanks to Monroe for helping me to find a job. I am very satisfied with their effort on recruitment process. After securing me a new job, Monroe kept in contact with me to ask about my new position, office environment, people around me, daily job, etc. Monroe is a very professional company in providing human resources capital. Success for Monroe.

    Bobby Benarto Suadi: I am writing to you to express my gratitude over the great effort which your associate made to finalize my engagement process. It was not an easy ride, but eventually I believe both myself and the company established a mutually promising outcome. For this I thank you and the Monroe team for such outstanding services and high professionalism. Moreover, specifically I would like to recognize the high enthusiasm, professionalism and good communications displayed by your consultant. I received timely updates, clear feedback as well as constant recommendations in better preparing myself in moving forward each step of the way. In addition, her warm personality and good interpersonal skills removed any unnecessary anxiety, further benefitting myself over bolder decision making. Definitely this has been a competitive edge for your services. Eventually, with all the above, I would like to confirm that Monroe is clearly amongst the best recruitment agencies, with professionally dedicated associates. I do wish Monroe great progress and success in the years to come.

    Roma Tampubolon: I have worked with Monroe Consulting and I really think that this company delivers a wonderful service. I was coached along the way and asked exactly what I was looking for in my new role. Monroe is an excellent recruiter and helped me obtain a position in an amazing retail company that receives hundreds of applications for each position that they are hiring for. I am certain that without their assistance and expertise, I would not have obtained my new position. I have been looking for a perfect fit for years and with their assistance I have finally found it! I look forward to working with my new company for years to come. I will be telling all of my friends that if they want to work with an excellent recruiting agency that listens to what they want in a new role to contact Monroe Consulting Group.

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