There has been an increasing number of people who were approached by scammers impersonating Monroe Consulting Group employees. They tried to offer jobs or acquire bank information that is seemingly for salary payment. These job scams typically involve unsolicited job offers, requesting for bank account number via mobile phone calls, text messages, emails, WhatsApp and/or Telegram messages.


  • We never ask for money from prospective candidates. Neither do we request bank account details until a new employee begins to work.

  • We don’t ask candidates for their credit score.

  • We never instruct a candidate to undertake paid training during the recruitment process.

  • Apart from salary expectations and past experience, we never ask for a candidate’s confidential information.

  • We never extend an offer of employment without the authorized company representative(s) meeting the candidate in person

Red flags to look out for:

Look out for the following red flags when you receive unsolicited job offers from unknown numbers or come across job advertisements online:

  • Easy jobs that offer lucrative commissions that are simply too good to be true

  • Unsolicited messages advertising job offers from unknown numbers or unknown foreign numbers

  • Requests to transfer funds to bank accounts belonging to individuals they had not met in person

  • Messages or phone numbers coming from countries we do not operate in (Monroe only operate in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam)

Always take the following precautionary steps:

  • Do not accept dubious job offers that offer lucrative returns for minimal effort

  • Never download applications from unverified sources

  • Never send money to anyone whom you do not know or have not met in person before

  • Never agree to a background check unless you have met the employer in person.

  • Never take cashier’s checks or money orders as a form of payment. Fake checks are common and the bank where you cash it will hold you accountable.

  • Research the employer. Do they have a reputable website or professional references? Is the job listing you want to apply for also on their main career page?

REMEMBER, do NOT provide anyone with your:

  • Personal information like your social security, passport, or national ID.

  • Bank Account Number

  • One-Time Password

  • Verification Codes

If you suspect that the job ad message you received from Monroe Consulting Group is suspicious, do contact your dedicated consultant immediately or call us at any of the following offices.