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The New Normal The Phillippines Recruitment Market   Revised
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The New Normal: The Philippines Recruitment Market

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago

​Monroe Consulting Group hosted another in our series of webinars, Recruitment: New Normal, on Thursday 18th of June. With 100 registered participants the event was a great success and provided attendees with useful information about the recruitment market landscape in the Philippines.

Since the pandemic started, most businesses across the world have been affected by the crisis. A few chose to retract and hunker down until the good times return, but many businesses have also taken a more proactive approach. Revising products and strategies to meet changing needs and adapting to a new normal that will extend well beyond the pandemic curve. During our latest webinar Monroe shared tips and ideas on how to strategize talent acquisition in new verticals, picking and choosing the best talent to give yourself a competitive advantage. Monica Viladot, Managing Director at Monroe Philippines stated “we believe that getting the right talent now, may be a firm’s greatest investment in this new normal”.

During the webinar hosts discussed industries that have been thriving during the pandemic, and who have managed to increase their hiring rate, such as E-commerce, Online Education, Digital Publishing and Financial Technology. With state control on people’s mobility, accessing online platforms to manage finances, accessible education and entertainment has been important. Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals have also faired comparatively well, thanks to ongoing research into diagnostics, technologies and other treatments. Professionals within these sectors are now high in demand and at Monroe Consulting, we have positioned ourselves and extensively prepared to provide the best qualified candidates to fulfil this increasing demand. 

The webinar also discussed sectors which took a hit during the pandemic and are now approaching a recovery period, such as Retail, Manufacturing, Chemical, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Construction. For example, in response to major supply chain disruptions, chemical companies have started to (partly) relocate or ramp-up the production of critical chemical supplies and medical goods closer to end-customers. This has created job opportunities for the industry despite the disruption. 

Companies and participants of the webinar could also understand the benefits of paying attention to recruitment now, including the availability of qualified candidates due to lay off’s or hiring freezes which means that there is significantly more talent seeking new roles than usual. By continuing recruitment efforts, companies can ensure that they are the first in the line that these talented individuals receive once the pandemic begins to end.

The evolution of digital recruitment processes has also benefited Talent Acquisition in certain aspects. This has included fewer interview rounds and reduced interview time, saving both candidate and company time and effort. Finally, by considering remote workers for new positions companies have a much bigger talent pool to choose from. 

Jerry Amores, Division Head at Monroe Consulting explained the process of digital recruitment including ways of leveraging technology to source, assess, attract, select and recruit candidates for open positions. The discussion also included information on how to qualify or interview candidates effectively and efficiently through online assessments. 

Apart from the successful attendance, we also appreciated the participation of relevant speakers which shared their insights of their industry, including:

Speaker E- Commerce:Jennifer Tan - Director for Administration and Human Resources of Great Deals

Speaker Biotechnology: Maria Ysabel Bordador, HR Manager, Cordlife

Speaker Digital Publishing, Ismael Fisco, COO of Pressreader PH

Speaker Fintech:James Allan To, CCO of NextBank Software

Speaker Property Management,Construction and Infrastructure Mario Glenn Isic, VP of Human Resources, New San Jose Builders

Monroe Consulting Group are experts in digital recruitment, our webinars provide participants with tips and recommendations shared by our expert consultants. If you missed out this time, please stay tuned as following the success of Monroe Philippine’s first webinar and the positive feedback from participants, we are planning to replicate this webinar in August. 

Contact us today for more information on kick-starting your recruitment processes digitally.