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Marie Nellas

  • Position: US Onboarding

​Meet Marie, a dedicated Compliance Coordinator who plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and regulatory alignment of our organization. With a strong commitment to meticulousness and a profound understanding of compliance procedures, She ensures that our operations remain above reproach.

Marie excels in orchestrating the comprehensive background testing process, meticulously vetting candidates and facilitating drug screenings. She recognizes the critical importance of these steps in building a safe and trustworthy workforce, contributing to the foundation of our ethical workplace.

A key facet of Marie's expertise lies in efficiently collecting and managing the essential documents candidates need to submit. She streamline this crucial process, enabling a seamless onboarding journey for new team members and ensuring they meet all regulatory requirements.

As a Compliance Coordinator, Marie is also responsible for providing candidates with the necessary forms to complete. She understands that clear and transparent communication is integral to compliance, and she makes sure that candidates have the resources they need to fulfill their obligations accurately and on time.